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Trolling for love in all the wrong places ...

lots of valuable articles from Rick Iossi, FKA Inc.

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Trolling for love in all the wrong places ...

Postby RickI » Sun Mar 11, 2007 5:10 pm

... but just the spot for a snack ... for a barracuda, bluefish, shark, etc. ???

Andy "Grasshopper" Hurdman trolls, WHY would a grasshopper do that, fish love grasshoppers!

Reality is, we all have some degree of lure to our fish headed friends. Enrique was out in some powered conditions shredding along and having a good time a couple of weeks ago. Enrique has been an FKA area coordinator in Naples, SW Florida for years and has a school, The wind was kind of strong so as a result he was edging hard and doing the odd hand drag leaning way over to oppose the kite force. Sounds familiar? Lots of us do it, even those of us that know better (like me!).

Enrique rides in Jupiter during the 2006 Invasion

This time, things didn't quite go as planned though. Enrique was shredding hard, the next thing he realized was some intense pain in his hand. Pulling it up it was spewing blood all over the place. Whoops, best head in. Despite applying direct pressure the bleeding persisted, so he headed off to the doctor for treatment. He was likely hit by a barracuda, bluefish, permit, pompano or tons of other smaller fish that hit bait on the fly.

Lady fingers, we don't need no stinkin lady fingers, we want Enrique Fingers, yum!

George with put together a clip interviewing Enrique and showing off his bit of fish food or the pieces he was left with at the Video section at: on page two
under: "Something Bit Me"

Check it out.

Good thing saltwater crocs are on the rebound.

Actually, Enrique was lucky in achieving full recovery with no loss of function or bits.

So, avoid those hand drags lest you qualify as fish food. It can be hard to resist, still visualize some fin head gnashing into or through your fingers, nerves, muscle, gristle and you get the idea. Plugs or fingers, only your doctor knows for sure, the fish sure as hell don't! Wonder if my butt is safe, don't them fish jump? Got to worry about shuffling my feet in the shallows to avoid becoming "long pig sati" for skates, sigh. It's an animal planet, avoid becoming a menu item.

Damn catfish, uh cat sharks, uh, wacked out photoshop gnomes?

FKA, Inc.

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Rick Iossi

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