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Soft or foil vs. Inflatable kites

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Soft or foil vs. Inflatable kites

Postby BP » Wed Aug 02, 2006 5:35 pm

Here is a question: what is your opinion on using soft kites or ram air kites such as Flysurfer Pulse or Speed (just an example) versus using inflatable kites such C-type or bow. I can see that soft kites may actually be advantagious to have now - for instance they offer great safety and depower, no need to pump, smaller volumes when packed, safe to self-launch, can be relaunch from water. It just occurs to me maybe it is the way to go?

Any opinions?


PS. Just for the record, I fly Ocean Rodeo One and I am happy with it, but also looking what is out there on the market. I used JoJo Rage 6 m2 and liket it but I guess that kite did not have any features like depower, safety etc. It was simple 2-line kite. So new generation foil kites should be much better.

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Postby macca » Wed Aug 02, 2006 6:02 pm

i would do a search, its all there.

better than it getting a pimp/bashing thread.

I owned a Pulse as well as a BOW both great kites.

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Postby FredBGG » Wed Aug 02, 2006 7:30 pm


I recently got a Pulse 10 and I have to say it is a quantum leap for ease of use, turning speed, depower, stability and disgustingly easy relaunch even in really low wind.

Do inversion issues of the bow kites. With the pulse you can sheet out as far as you want when you want. The depower is also very smooth.

To give you an idea of the depower I was testing the kite on the beach in 15mph wind. I could drag fast over the sand with my 230 lbs and then just pushing out the bar all the way I could unhook and easily hold the kite by the chickenloop with my little finger!!

Flysurfers are also more durable than most LEIs and Bows. This is because of the full bridel that distributes the load very well and the kites have blow out valves that avoid overpressure when crashing the kite.

The bridels can get tangled if you have to swim in with big surf and you did not have enough time to do a water packdown. In over a year of riding brideled every weekend I've only had 3 bridel tangles and all three because of the wind dissapearing and significant surf. The first time it took me about an hour to sort out, the other times took only 15 minutes to sort out as I knew what I was doing. Durring normal setup and packdown the bridels pretty much look after themselves. Set up time is much faster than LEIs. All you do is unroll the kite and lines (the lines are kept attached to the kite), sand down the kite and hold a vent into the wind for about 30% inflation and then launch side window or downwind. Launching semi inflated looks awfull, but is actually an advantage because the kite flys up with little power untill it fully inflates.



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Postby Janus » Wed Aug 02, 2006 8:57 pm

Tja, what can I say... it is a matter of choice I think.
I used to ride tubes, loved them, then bought a Speed 17 for the light wind days (so Me and the family with 2 little kids enjoy a beachday with 10 kts..)
And now i fly only Speeds... 7, 10 and 17.
The Psycho III is also very interesting....

Just try them and see if you like them.

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