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just tested Naish Boxer 12.0 !

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just tested Naish Boxer 12.0 !

Postby Toby » Mon Aug 18, 2003 11:35 pm

great kite!!!

It looks like Naish made a very good move with its new Boxer kite.
Naish targets with the Boxer beginners to advanced riders.
You can easily learn on this kite and even ride it after 2-3 years!

We tested with an instructor and newbies the Boxer 12.0:

The first very importnat point is, that this kite waterstarts like crazy!!!
You can flip it very easy on its back and then just turn the bar a bit and the kite goes by itself to the window and starts again.
The instructor didn't have to tell the newbies any special tricks to get it back in the air, they just did it by themselves. Normally a two line kites restarts like this but the Boxer is a 4-liner!

The performance is great as well. On the outer attachment points it turns fast.
For instructions we recommend the inner settings so it will not be too fast.
The lift and hangtime is ok, but that isn't the most important for this kite concept. It is enough for the first two years!
The pull is nice, creates good power and the depower is very effective.
It flies stable in the air and the quality looks great.

The kite comes with 22m lines.
the design is very nice, considering Naish saved production costs on design to lower the price.

The lines have different colors which will fit to the attachment points with male/female connectors.


The boxer is a great kite for beginners and intermediate riders.

Specially the easy waterstart will help the newbies a lot to improve their riding since they don't waste time relaunching it.
A good depower helps to regulate the power and if you want to learn jumps, it still gets you out, not as high as high performance kites, but enough to make you feel happy! :wink:

This kite has a very interesting price and for entering the sport and getting better quicker this is the right concept.
Great value for your money!

Sizes available: 6-9-12-16 sqm

Download a pdf file with all infos about the Boxer:


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Postby maui » Tue Aug 19, 2003 5:23 pm

Toby I think the number of very advanced riders that also love the boxer will suprise you. Here on maui it already has a rep for being better than the x2 and x3, guys like Greg Drexler ride the boxer in preference to the other naish kites and these guys are real experts.Waveriding this kite is much better than x2 and x3 and its way cheeper too.

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Postby disincarnate » Tue Aug 19, 2003 11:37 pm

hey is the boxerlike a new version of the first aero?

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