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One approach involving signs at a designated launch

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One approach involving signs at a designated launch

Postby RickI » Tue Jun 24, 2003 8:39 pm

I just came across this approach used by authorities to help manage the interaction of bystanders and kiteboarders/windsurfers at three designated launches at one area of this large lake. It is from: ... rent=21316

"Here are some suggestions that the local park a wild life people have done for the sport in the great lack region.

First work with your park and beach officials. Getting legislation or posted sings are pretty easy. You attend a couple of there town meetings get a sign up petition sheet, all you need is 50 people to sign up to get an official sign posted.

The Western Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio, Parks departments of lake Erie have worked with local shops and windsurf and kiteboarding clubs and has done the follow.

1. The posted signs on 3 designated beaches read the follow.
“Warning kiteboarding, Windsurfing, and sport kiting activities are permitted on this beach. This is not a guarded beach, Swimming and sunbathing is prohibited on this beach.

A Second sign reads
“Warning to all Spectatorsâ€

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