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Hydro + 15.3 & AMP 15.1

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Hydro + 15.3 & AMP 15.1

Postby Guest » Wed Jul 02, 2003 9:25 pm


I've recently purchased two Wipkia AMPs (8.7 & 11.9) and I’m really pleased with them, they're fantastic kites but where I live (UK, south) the light summer breezes aren't often strong enough to pull at 90 kg rider. So I decided to purchase a light wind kite, it was a close thing between the Hydro + 15.3 & the AMP 15.1 and after much thought and a little research I decided to go for the Hydro + 15.3 because it’s said to have a large amount of torque and it's supposed to be more forgiving than the AMP.

So when I contacted my local Wipika dealer he was told there were no plans to bring the Hydro + 15.3 to the UK but the AMP 15.1 would be available in a couple of weeks! So you can image I was shocked to here this when the kite is advertised on the Wipika site and on many UK dealers sites. :agrue:

Has anyone else had the same problem?, Any suggestions?

Does anyone own either of these two kites, I’d love to hear any feedback on them?

Thank you for your time,


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