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rhino 2 relaunch problem, help please!

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rhino 2 relaunch problem, help please!

Postby phatfil » Mon Apr 12, 2004 7:34 am

I had some great difficulty relaunching my 14m rhino2 today. I'd get the kite to the side of the window, it'd look ready to launch, but everytime it looked like it was about to fly up, it'd get pulled down, the side that was in the water just wouldn't lift off. It would repeatedly do this, so it was like it was bouncing up and down trying to get up. It wasn't very windy, probably 12-15knots. I checked the bladders afterwards (because I thought the ones nearest the ends mightn't be inflated enough) and they were all pumped up fine.

This same thing happened to me the two times i got my kite in the water - both times I ended up getting dragged to shore (luckily that's the way it was pulling me both times) and my brother just picked it up a bit and it would fly up like normal.

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Postby BigKahuna » Mon Apr 12, 2004 3:53 pm

Hey Phatfil,

The RII's are a real "challenge" to relaunch, but it can be done. With my RII 20m I averaged 1 successful relaunch in 5. Make sure your leading edge bladder is real -firm-. The technique I used was to take the center lines and pull in about a meter, then swim like hell towards the kite. If you can get the kite to roll onto it's "back" you're there.

What I used to tell other RII fliers was the key to relaunching was not putting the kite in the water in the first place. No matter how bad I stuffed a jump, I'd always force myself to remember to drive the kite towards the zenith (even while I'm under water).

If you over sheet the RII (especially in light winds), it'll stall and fall backwards. Grab the front lines at the strap and give it a jerk. The kite will rotate forward and fly again.

Good luck. Great kite, just not as durable as I'd like...


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Postby Jan:) » Mon Apr 12, 2004 4:14 pm

I have had exactly the same happen to me a few times. But my problem was quite stupid.

What happened to me was that my bar had rotated in the water while swimming after the kite, so I grabbed it wrong. So while trying to get the kite off the water I was in fact stearing it down in the water. Took me quite a while to realize that.

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Postby nir_ » Mon Apr 12, 2004 8:34 pm

riding the 12 and 16 rII - i found no problem in relaunching...
i think what you describe is a lack of pull on the lower back line
while the kite drifts to the edge - what i mean is that you need to constantly pull
on the back line that is close to the water in order to create a pivot
point and not letting the kite flip - as you describe it..

i think this is what you meant

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