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Can the 5th line be used as a dynamic sheeting control ?

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Can the 5th line be used as a dynamic sheeting control ?

Postby lordfak » Tue May 04, 2004 10:47 pm

Just a thought for the thinkers and experimenters out there:

Picture if you can:

a) Back lines normal rigging.

b) Bottom of 'Y' line runs through bar to be attached to harness (swivel shackle)

c) 5th line down run (also throu bar?) down to a ring (or pulley) on the harness (same shackle?) and then back up to be attached to the bar centre.

Pull the bar towards you and get normal sheeted in (shackled) riding.
Push on the bar (or maybe just let the pressure off) and at some point the
5th line gradually start to depower the kite.
Potentially this could give a huge increase to the top end range of the kite. It might even act as a dead mans handle. Ie let go of bar and kite fully depowers (depend on rear line pressure). AND be a fully spinning system ?????

Has it been tried, Is it worth a try?

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