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Seat harness for back pain?

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Seat harness for back pain?

Postby CaymanWind » Mon May 03, 2004 8:07 pm

I have always used a waist harness because that is what I used to windsurf. I have been getting pain in my back so I was wondering if a seat or a nitrous harness would help. Any experience?


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Postby TP13 » Mon May 03, 2004 8:43 pm

I found that switching to a seat harness made all the difference in the world, but I have always had back pain, it was from a car accident as a kid, not kiting.... so I dont know if that would make a difference... but on a waist harness I could only last for about three straight days of kiting, without back pain :accident: , with a seat harness I have done more then 10 days with virtually no extra back pain.... except for the occasional wipeout. :thumb:

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no back pain - waist harness

Postby tautologies » Mon May 03, 2004 9:42 pm


I have had backpains, but it actually disappeares when kiting. I use a waist harness, but I also concentrate on keeping my back stretched out (always lean back).


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Postby FLYMAN » Tue May 04, 2004 12:27 am

I have back pain when I use a chicken loop line that is too long, so you ride bended forward instead of straigh. Try to modify your bar setup before changing the harness.
Good luck! back pain sucks.

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Postby cglazier » Tue May 04, 2004 4:07 am

I have had chronic back pain for many years. However I find that kitesurfing does not agravate it at all. In fact my back usually feels fine even after long sessions and I use a waist harness (Cabrinha impact).
My abs and my forearms sometimes suffer though.

Chris Glazier

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Postby mauidragon » Tue May 04, 2004 5:17 am

In the earlier day with I have back pain ,and now with seat haress it 's gone

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Postby Toby » Tue May 04, 2004 9:15 am

same for me: with a waist harness I have to stop kiting.
But with a seat harness, I still can go. I stiffens the back where I have a problem, but make sure you don't get a soft one.
The Dakine Fusion or Maui Magic gives you geat support for the back.

On the other side, a friend of mine has less pain with a waist harness, becuase when he jumps he can straighten or pull his body so he has less pressure on it which takes away some pain.

So it also depends on what you problem is.
But if you have pain with the waist, get a stiff seat.

I hope that works out for you.


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Postby GraemeF » Tue May 04, 2004 12:30 pm

Regarding back pain, seat v's waist, its not quite as simple as that.

If you have learned to ride waist harness style, from windsurfing with a straight back hips forward stance, and the power driving down your back leg, this seems not to create to many problems.

This is a little simplisitic, because many folk have differing back problems caused by other aspects (car/bike shunts etc) but as far as pain being created from the activity of kiting itself, I think the waist is safest or the impact harness.

My own experience of back pain, which is muscular and was initially caused by years of abuse offshore waterski racing, before windsurfing and kitesurfing, but is brought about when my back is bent for prolonged periods, or straining with a bent back. And nowadays occurs if I use a low hook position, which of course is the position I most like.

So that brings me to the next point, using the DaKine range as the example, and at the end of the day the brand with most experience of harness building over the years.

With Seat harnesses there were high and low hook positioned harnesses which had dramatically differing effects on those back problems. These functionally worked by either the hook being threaded on the waist belt, or the lower strap that pulled directly under your buttocks. The lower was designed to maximise power through a windsurfing board in slalom racing whilst the higher tended to suit freeriders with less power demand.

Then the XT Seat came along with its combined seat style yet with waist or higher back support and the ability to vary the height of the hook. This evolved into the Fusion Kiting Harness of today. This does give you the ability to moderate both your riding style, and vary the height of the hook and is probably the most suitable harness on the market for those who may not yet have fully developed a varied riding style.

When I posted the details of the Nitrous shorts, I did point out that it might not be ideal for those with lower back problems, and I have to admit although they've turned out to be very popular, my own experience has been that the nagging pain in my back is there right now, after this weekends riding comfortable though the Nitrous shorts might be, and they are wonderful.

But they do have a very low hook position, and they do promote the jolly old toilet stance which I for one find unsettling and in constant fear of my fins breaking out in the bigger puffs, so have to constantly ignore and try and ride as if I'm wearing a waist.

SO in brief, check wether it is the height of the hook that is causing your problem over the riding style of hips thrust forward rather than back in a semi seated style. Then apply whichever harness suits your preferred style, and check a few brands for comfort AND support, sometimes its not just the most comfortable harness which provides adequate support for your back problem, and DO experiment with hook height.

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Postby Pogibro » Tue May 04, 2004 3:40 pm

Trust me... a seat harness will relieve most of your back pain. Instead of taking the power into your upper torso (where your waist harness always ends up) you take the power in your hips and easily transfer to the board through your legs without having to utilize your back muscles. You also lower your center of gravity and it allows you to transfer more of the power down to the board.

But... of course... waist harnesses really look cool. Your choice...

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Postby pierre.d » Tue May 04, 2004 5:53 pm

I got a lot of back pain with a seat harness probably because the hook was to low, no problem with the waist harness any more ...
I must agree it depens where the pain is coming from.

I also found that streching the back after the session is very helpfull when kiting more than one day in a raw ...

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