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Gaastra Vision

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Gaastra Vision

Postby Gaastra » Tue Sep 28, 2004 5:10 pm


118cm x 37cm
128cm x 39cm
131cm x 41cm

High performances boards with design parameters delivering maximum pop, speed and response . . . a combat board under your feet.

Vision outlines are compact with a performance oriented length to width ratio which makes the shapes extremely reactive to any pressure. Rocker lines are a constant curve with no flat area for maximum response from rider input.

A deep concave hull and flat PATINS combination gives quick planning and high top end speed by reducing drag. The Vision rail PATINS allows smooth rail to rail transitions with perfect feeling and control.

Rails: Thin ABS rails with sharp edge on the ends and a slight tuck under foot.
Thickness: Thin board with a light flex on the tips.

Fins: 4 G10 fins, thinned foil for high speed, 2 screw fitting.
Pads: Asymmetrical, ergonomic pad for maximum comfort and plush ride.
Straps: Asymmetrical adjustable straps.
Handle: Central grab handle + grab shape on the tips and in the middle of the board

Construction: PVC core Fibreglass PBT Sublimated top sheet.
Wood patches under heels

Vision Mutant
134cm x 37cm

Designed with waves in mind. Try it, push it, however you want to rip, it’s what she’s made for.

Outline reflects soft surfboard curves for wave carving. Rocker line is a mix between directional rocker and twin-tips: flat section in the high pressure area delivers quick planning in association with a moderate kick for turning in a snap. A light concave for better turning control and drag reduction in waves and chop.

Rails: ABS moderate thick rails with sharp edge in the tips and tucked under edge in the middle. Great tolerance, high maneuverability. The thickness was adjusted to give a lot of flex in the back tip.

Fins: 2 G10 TT fins on the nose and 2 G10 raked surf fins in the tail for the true surf feel.
Pads: Symmetrical pad for maximum comfort and plush ride.
Straps: Symmetrical and wide adjustable straps
Handle: Central grab handle + grab shape on the tips and in the middle of the board

Construction: PVC core, Fibreglass, PBT Sublimated top sheet
Wood patches under heels

Contact your local Gaastra retailer for details.

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