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Postby warren » Wed Oct 20, 2004 12:05 am

Just took delivery of my new 14 R5 yesterday , the wind just happened to be the right strength for a 14m and there was no one out at my local spot . All was looking good. I set up the kite and launched it without realy knowing if the lines particuarly the centre line was the right length [they come already to go] Every thing seemed to be ok .
I went straight out and what was immediately clear was that the R5 feels completely different from the R4 which i am used to riding with , Anyway after about 30 mins of getting used to the kite i started pushing its limits , it jumped as high if not higher than the R4, the hangtime was much longer, it went upwind better and the range was as good as North claims, the bar pressure needs a bit of adjust ment , but this is only a small problem.
I put the kite down on the water to try the relaunchability , It relaunched in about 5 seconds - amazing .
At the end of my session i tried to land the kite by bringing it low at the side of the window and turning it front down on the sand, but it would not stay down, So i tried to land it by using the fifth element which worked but the kite wanted to relaunch when i started to walk towards it? I ended up pulling the kite in towards me by pulling on the centre line which sent the kite sky wards upsidedown!
Im sure there is a simple solution to slf landing? Dwight maybe???

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Postby Dwight » Wed Oct 20, 2004 12:59 am

I release the kite in the middle of the wind window, usually while overhead. This avoids the kite tumble you get bringing it to the side of the window. Its going to tumble towards the straight downwind position.

To walk toward the kite, I hold the gray line, not the nose line. When I get to the Y, I grab both front lines and pinch them together as I walk toward the kite. This keeps the kite pinned to the beach.

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Postby Ramo » Wed Oct 20, 2004 2:24 pm

I didn't have any problems releasing the 5th E to land it face down at the edge of the window but I did give the safety line a tug to make sure (is that what you tried or just flipping it down without releasing). The one time I tried doing it overhead it went off to one side which didn't leave me feeling very in control.

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Postby tplowe56 » Wed Oct 20, 2004 2:56 pm

I don't have an R5 but I self land with a 5th all the time. You can get a hassle free landing if you can get the kite down in the window further before releasing the bar. If you very briefly dive the kite from the center of the window & then release it will flip on it's back very fast.

From my experience releasing when the kite is directly overhead is OK, and at the side of the window is least desirable. Releasing at the side of the window can lead to a roll over. If there is a little load on the kite and further down in the window the kite will roll upside down & depower very nicely.

If the kite is flying upside down when the 5th is deployed with the bar at the stopper, move the stopper ball closer to the bar.

You can not walk towards the kite holding the 5th alone, the kite will start flying upside down. You must maintain some tension on the rear or front lines to keep the wing tips vertical.

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