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Winterlude Kite Demonstration Event: Day 1 & 2 Report

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Winterlude Kite Demonstration Event: Day 1 & 2 Report

Postby Hung » Sun Feb 20, 2005 3:25 pm

Every February, Canada's Capital Region is host to Winterlude, North America's greatest winter festival. Three fun-filled weekends of excitement and activity await the whole family! From spectacular ice carvings to an amazing playground made of snow, Winterlude is a great way to take in the best of our Canadian winter.

This year, the school Ottawa (VL Kites) and the NCC has teamed up to organize a kite demonstration event for the closing week-end of the 2005 Winterlude. This is the world first large scale winter kite demonstration event for a very large number of non-kiter audiences, fully insured with $2,000,000 public liability insurance. Due to the large number of surrounding audiences, only instructors or riders with more than 3-year experiences were invited to ride in the event.

The event was fully supported by the kite manufacturers and the kite magazines. Many kite manufacturers and magazines have contacted, and in the end, BestKiteboarding ( sent 5 Tempest kites complete for the riders to use during the event (then to keep afterward), Loose ( sponsored 2 Patriot kites complete and SBC Kiteboard Magazine sent 50 copies to be distributed to the audiences. Many thanks to BestKiteboarding, Loose and SBC Kiteboard Magazine for recognizing the important of the Winterlude Kite Demonstration Event in the promotion of the sport and sponsoring the school as well as the riders.

Photos and report of Day 1 of the event can be found at ... erlude.htm

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Postby Hung » Mon Feb 21, 2005 5:23 am

Sunday was a beautiful sunny day but again, the wind was offshore, light
and variable. The demonstration area was, however, very good due to
some snow fall the night before. The wind was very light and team could
only kiteski with the largest kites available for the event. The riders
have done an excellent job flying the kites in such a light wind
condition and both the Tempest and the Patriot flew very well (being
larger, the Tempest behaves slightly better in such light condition).

The crowd was larger on Sunday than on Saturday. Also, there was a
grand stage set up next to the Kite Demonstration area and that has
drawn a very large crowd watching the stage and the kiters at the same

Even thought the wind was not perfect for both days, the Kite
Demonstration Event was a major success. Many people has seen and
watched the kiter up close, touched and felt the kites and other
equipment. NCC and has already planned for the
next year Winterlude Kite Demonstration Event and couple years after.

More details and photos for day 2 of the event at


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