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Drifter 4 or 5 as smallest kite?

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Drifter 4 or 5 as smallest kite?

Postby maartsurf » Thu Aug 09, 2018 10:35 pm


I hope you can give me some advice on the following:

At the moment I have 2 kites a 6('18) and 8('16) Drifter and my board is a Spade 5'6('18). My weight is about 68-70kg's and my length is 189cm. Normally when it gets over 25knots I take my small windsurfgear because kiting with my 6 isn't much fun anymore, I can't concentrate on the waves anymore because the kite pulls too hard. I would love to be able to kite at serie is maybe easier to sell later. I surf most of the time in the Netherlands (North Sea) but I also go to Cape Town each year (normally for windsurfing but this year maybe only with my kite stuff). Another option could be a smaller board but it would be nicer if I could stay with a one board quiver. Hope you can help me to make the right choice...


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Re: Drifter 4 or 5 as smallest kite?

Postby stayfan » Fri Aug 10, 2018 9:23 am


I am 76 kg and I have a Drifter 2018, 5m as my smallest kite.
I also kite in The Netherlands, Maasvlakte, Scheveningen, Wijk, Ouddorp.
5m is good for me. My setup is 5, 7, 9m.
5m is good for you also, but 4m is better cause you already have a 6 and 8m.
I also think 4, 6, 8m is a range I would kite here if I had your weight.

Greets, Steven

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Re: Drifter 4 or 5 as smallest kite?

Postby Dkite » Sun Aug 19, 2018 6:05 pm

Another one from The Netherlands here, I'm 70kg and 175cm using a 5'1 Firewire Vader.
I currently have a 8M Naish Slash & 11M Pivot.

Went kiting today at Wijk aan Zee and it was 27 - 32 knots and ofcourse that was way too much for my 8M and a surfboard.

I'm also considering to add a 5M indeed.
I was thinking 8m for 16-26 knots and 5m for 25-35 knots.

Greetz Dave

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