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Kontact/SST/Ben Wilson Pro/Converse

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Kontact/SST/Ben Wilson Pro/Converse

Postby barelhunta » Wed Oct 01, 2008 7:51 am

I am interested to see if anyone has tried either the Kontact or new 2009 SST.

I have just snapped the 2008 SST within 3 months - Boo

I also snapped an Airush Converse 6'2" within 6 months.

Before anyone criticises me i do not jump these boards. The SST snapped going out through the surf, i.e. a wave pitched and the nose snapped off the board forward of the front footstrap - scary and painful.

I need a stronger board.... I see the SST is now a quad and supposedly stronger? I also see the Kontact is also stronger but cant find any feedback.

I kite in a variety of wave conditions and have found that 6'2" single concave, squashed tail thruster works best for me so far at 83.5kgs.

Does anyone have any reviews on the production boards i have listed above or any better suggestions i need help. At this rate i simply cannot afford to keep kiting.

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Re: Kontact/SST/Ben Wilson Pro/Converse

Postby MikeN » Wed Oct 08, 2008 12:38 pm

The Converse is now a lot stronger . The 6'2 was done in the old construction without a stringer . The 08 boards have proven a lot more durable . No deck dents and super strong because of the stringer that runs through the front half of the board to prevent the breakage that you describe .

The extra strength has not been at the expense of weight , in fact the 08 boards are lighter .

I haven't ridden the SST or Kontacts but do know that they are quite heavy , personally I don't like this and it makes them too hard to surf .

Try the Converse 6'4 . I am the same weight as you and bought it as a light wind board but it is now my most used all round board .

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