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Slingshot RPM

Postby dlangpap » Sun Mar 15, 2009 10:47 pm

Hi guys,

Nice tips about the RPM. I have been looking for reviews on the RPM as I am undecided between it and the REV 2 for riding waves primarily. Now I use a Fuel 11 but I have wanted to change it for a long time for a kite with more depower that allows me to "wait" for the waves and also a kite that doesn't "die" on me downwind as much as the Fuel. I ride primarily with on-shore conditions so I assume a kite flatter than the Fuel will fly better when completely downwind on the wind window (please correct me if I am wrong here). For the same reason, riding waves with on-shore wind, I also need a kite that reacts to bar input and turns extremely fast when downwind in the window, as I need to move it a lot and fast from one side of the window to the other when setting up for hitting the lip...

I have tried a REV 13 and found it to be a great kite, but I haven't tried it in waves. Apparently the RPM is a better kite for riding unhooked so that would be another plus for it. Regarding sizes, I have found that the 13 REV could replace my 15 Fuel so I don't know if the right size in RPM to replace that 15 would be a 12 RPM or a 14 RPM . Same goes for my 11 FUEL. What RPM size do you think would best replace that one, the 10 or the 8?

Summing up, I have a 2 kite quiver, a 11 and a 15 FUEL that I want to replace with either REVs or RPMs for riding waves predominantly. I will get a larger surfboard, 6' 2'' vs my current 5' 5''. I do need a kite for marginal conditions, around 12 knots, but I prefer to ride underpowered than with too big a kite. I am 155 lbs and before the RPM came out I was set on getting a 9 and 13 RPM. Given the characteristics, conditions and needs I have described, what RPMs would you recommend?

Any additional feedback on the RPM or REV for waves would be appreciated.

Thank you,

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