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Kitesurf Pro World Tour

Postby Toby » Thu Feb 10, 2011 5:01 pm

Dear kite media,

Two months ago we applied with the IKA for the World Championship title in Wave Kiting
because we were not satisfied with the direction wave competitions were taking and
the lack involvement of the riders and industry in competitions in general.

We proposed a tour with only the best conditions in the world's best wave locations to
create media events (instead of public events) with a worldwide reach, thus making it possible
to bring more attention to our sport and giving the world's best wave riders a reason to compete.

Over the past 2 months we have been in contact and negotiations with the IKA as well as the PKRA and the IKA published their decision 2 days ago. The solution developed by the IKA is a very inclusive one that combines the interests of all parties and we believe that the IKA executive committee has once again done an amazing job.

If you have not had the opportunity to read the IKA press release yet, please do so here:
http://www.internationalkiteboarding.or ... Itemid=140

Since we did not know when the IKA was going to make a decision on the topic or what the final
outcome would be, we were on hold and are now able to take all necessary steps towards a successful KSP tour.

At this point our main priority is to set up the KSP as a non-profit-association (since we believe
that a non-profit approach will help some of the problems we have seen in competitions and tours over the past years), finalize the details of a cooperation between the IKA and KSP and to remain
in constant contact with our local organizers to ensure our dream events will happen.

However, the main mission of the KSP tour is to get everyone in kiteboarding and the kite industry
involved (or at least give everyone the possibility) and we have been in touch with industry partners as well as many or the world's best riders to create a close relationship and gather input.

The feedback and support from the riders, industry and local organizers has been overwhelmingly positive and we can only hope that your reaction will be the same because we need your help too!

We are open for any ideas and proposals that would lead to a closer cooperation between you as the kite media and our wave world championship tour and we hope for the support of many (if not all) of you and are looking forward to hearing from you soon. We believe that TOGETHER we are strong and can make the KSP something really big for the image and growth of our sport!

Your KSP riders,
Kristin, Sky, Guilly and Mitu

Kristin Boese

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