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First surfboard/waveboard for beginner - durability, volume

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First surfboard/waveboard for beginner - durability, volume

Postby samavoda » Sun Nov 24, 2013 1:13 am

I am kiting for two years and seems like I would like to start with waves.
I have 80kg, 9m and 12m kites. living in country without a sea and I am not tallented much - so progress will be not rapid one.
please give me some tips which board to buy.

I am looking for board with

Reasonable price:)

from my study I understood for beginning board around 20" fat.
durability - have read all the forums and I am allready fed up. Epx, pvc, pavlonia,foam, bambus, carbon . sandwich - grr. my english is also not that grat to understeand all terms like techno super rapid technology andso on. I am so afraid I will buy board, jumping with it and break it on first wave.

I would apreciate any comment, especially from riders who are not involved materially in the bussiness.

I am not looking for direct board for ligthtwind on first place, important is stability, wave work, easy learning on and the durability

thanks a lot for any help.

my consideration untill now
north nugget, whip.
subwoofer c.
rrd asso and chiatta (heard they are polyeste)
slingshot idontremembername
awix new wave

read many stories how they all break

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