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F-One Surf 5'11 Fins

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F-One Surf 5'11 Fins

Postby waitz » Mon Dec 02, 2013 6:38 pm

I have a f-one surf 5'11 (See description).

It comes with very standard DFS fins, but is compatible with FCS fins, so I am looking into upgrading the fins.

-The board is a tri-fin

-This is the description of it:
"The board packs some extra volume, thing which provides better upwind and planing performance in less consistent conditions. The rounded pintail, coupled with the wider nose, assures natural turns and a quick response in surf. The single concave bottom design, complemented by an optimized rocker, improves early planing abilities and assures flawless control even at high speeds."

-I surf mostly by the Dutch north-west coast, which is rough beach break waves.

-I weigh 73kg

I am not so skilled on wave board yet, and I will also use it as a lightwind board. So if I add new FCS fins to it, I will look for something that gives stability rather than snappyness at the moment.

Are there any fin recommendations out there?

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