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gear - the big question!

Posted: Sat Jul 28, 2007 12:30 pm
by Toby
during the PKRA course race in event the talks about gear never stop!

We thought a small bow will outpoint everyone...well, two days ago and yesterday Bruno, currently leading, took his Takoon Air 16.0 (C kite) and went through the finish 1.5 minutes before the second!

So now we all are confused again!

Currently there is no guideline about what will work best...though we keep discussion, but without results yet.
I think we need to test a LOT more to get answers to what will work best.

These are the things to put into consideration:

- rider's weight
- water condition (flat, chop, wave)
- kite type
- kite size (normal or fully powered?)
- board type
- board setup (fins, stance, width, rocker)
- rider's skills and body condition

Keep testing and write your results here!