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Chavez Races To Easy Win

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Chavez Races To Easy Win

Postby experienced1 » Thu Aug 28, 2008 4:56 pm

Chavez Races to Easy Win

The ninth night of racing almost wasn’t. Wind was about 10 and shifty on the beach, the fog was in and you could see caps way outside, as well as the wind gusts hitting the water here and there. Finally the decision to race was made and a light turnout of sixteen racers left the beach. Most racers were on 9s-12s so getting off the beach was one of the more difficult tasks of the evening. However, getting back to the beach turned out to be way more difficult as I think everyone but Gomes went for a swim. Only one race went off.

Chip Wasson and Jeff Headington were the only two to start on the favored port tack and they jumped to a quick lead. They were followed by Anthony Chavez who got the best of the starboard starts and Jeff Kafka with a mediocre starboard start.
Chip had a commanding lead headed to the windward mark but his lay line was short and he kited himself into a hole. By the time he recovered, Chavez had passed him as well as John Gomes and Geoff Headington. In fact, Chip’s dilemma allowed an additional four racers to get back into the hunt, including Kafka who rounded eighth. Chavez not only took took this opportunity to capture the lead, but continued to build upon his lead to the finish.

Wasson, Headington and Gomes battled it out on the downwind leg with Gomes winning the battle rounding the leeward mark second, followed by Wasson and Headington. Kafka surged past three racers on this leg and rounded the leeward mark fourth, not far behind Headington.

Chavez (Naish) easily finished first, with Wasson (Ozone) overtaking Gomes for second. Headington (SS) also passed Gomes and held off a late charge by Kafka to finish third. Kafka (Cabrinha) also easily passed Gomes (Cabrinha) for forth. Not sure what happened to Gomes on the last windward leg or what he was trying to accomplish at the finish.

See for yourself…..VIDEO HERE


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