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Cabrinha Announces 2010 Cabrinha Race Series

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Cabrinha Announces 2010 Cabrinha Race Series

Postby experienced1 » Thu Apr 08, 2010 6:40 pm


Cabrinha is pleased to announce the 2010 Cabrinha Race Series. This will mark the FIFTH season of the Cabrinha Race Series, the series that introduced kite course racing to the world. The series, hosted by the prestigious St. Francis Yacht Club, has established itself as ground zero for kite board racing world wide. With most of the world’s best racers and champions having participated in the series, it has also been a proven test ground for most of the worlds successful R & D regarding boards and fins.

John Craig, St Francis’ Race Director has used his experience with the Cabrinha Race Series to secure the establishment/recognition of a kiteboard class with the US Sailing Association and then the International Sailing Federation. The first two US Nationals/North American Continentals (2007/08) were held by the St. Francis as well as the first World’s in 2009.

No event, especially one of the stature of the Cabrinha Race Series could exist without the support of sponsors. In addition to Cabrinha and the St. Francis whose highly recognizeable names and credibility provided immediate legitimacy to the series, Ozonetravel of Miami, Fl and Captain Kirk’s of San Pedro, Ca and La Ventana, BCS, Mx, have signed on as 2010 sponsors… THANK YOU! …Both with very familiar names and a history of success. Ozonetravel is back for the fourth year of sponsorship while Captain Kirk’s signs on for his first.

The 2010 Cabrinha Race Series will be held over six months, April-Sept with 13 scheduled nights of racing consisting on average of 3 races per evening. The 2010 schedule is: April 15/29, May 13/27, June 10/24, July 1/15/29, Aug 12/26, and Sept 9/23. Participants may sign up for the entire series or just evening by evening. Sign ups can be handled online at Prizes/awards, including trips to Brazil, Cabrinha gear, and the winners name on the prestigious
perpetual trophy will be provide at the conclusion of the series. There are also three mini series consisting of 4 races nights. At the conclusion of each, awards are provided and a free raffle is conducted.


Brazil has become the specialty of Ozone Travel Kitesurfing. Brazil is a fantastic country offering unlimited amounts of adventure and, of course, an 8000 km (5000 miles) mostly-navigable coastline! Ozone Travel has solid partnerships with service providers on the ground and in the air, working directly with TAM Airlines to offer the best prices and service from any gateway city in the US and Europe to Brazil.

In addition to Brazil, Ozone Travel offers kitesurfing holidays in Mexico, the Caribbean and an ever-growing list of incredible destinations, worldwide. Based in Miami, but can be any place at any time! Ozonetravel continues to expand, developing new and exciting opportunities. Next month, Bamboo Reservation Systems will launch (, offering an online reservation system, booking and internet distribution solution for small hotels and pousadas, worldwide.

Asked why Ozone Travel has signed up for their forth year, Karen enthusiastically responded, “It has been my honor and my pleasure to sponsor and support the Cabrinha Race Series. The Race Series is a spectacular, exciting and well-run event, and exposes the beauty and excitement of our sport as few other events can. Competitors are male and female, young and not-so-young, experienced and looking-to-get-experience; yet, on the “field”, they all are equal. The prestige of both the St. Francis Yacht Club and Cabrinha adds a credibility to kites racing that is priceless and no doubt, has moved kite racing into the international arena and, perhaps one day, to Olympic status. Yes, it’s that cool.”

Captain Kirk’s

Our newest major sponsor for 2010 is Captain Kirk's Kiteboarding, located in San Pedro, California and La Ventana, BCS Mexico. Although a new sponsor of the Cabrinha Race Series, Captain Kirk’s has been a leading Southern California center for kiteboarding and windsurfing for over 18 years.

Asked why Captain Kirk’s wanted to sponsor the Cabrinha Race Series, Kirk responded, “ The series has been the epicenter of kiteboard racing since the beginning, with basically all World, European and North American Champions having participated…and with prestigious partners like the St. Francis Yacht Club and Cabrinha, why not?”

Now operating a beautiful kiting resort in La Ventana and a full service watersports shop in San Pedro, owner Kirk Robinson picked up the pieces of the bankrupt San Pedro Sailboards Store back in March of 1992. He then changed the name of the business to Captain Kirk's - mostly because the name would be hard to forget, and Kirk had also been an avid windsurfer for the prior 15 years.

Over the years, Captain Kirk’s has grown into a successful and unique business that now includes a retail store, lessons, and a beautiful private resort; specializing in Naturally Powered Sports including Kiteboarding, Windsurfing, and Stand Up Paddleboarding. Kirk and his wife Kitty are still very active in all three activities, helping to give the business a depth of knowledge that is hard to beat.

Captain Kirk’s is also one the founders and sponsors of the annual Cabrillo Beach Enduro, and is a major sponsor of the La Ventana Classic.. Visit for free wind forecasting information, and lots of other useful info for wind junkies.


Cabrinha is led by legendary waterman Pete Cabrinha. Started in 2000, Cabrinha offers a full line of kites, boards, accessories, and waterwear. Cabrinha has 47 distributors world wide serving 56 countries. Additionally, Cabrinha has retailers/schools in 83 countries worldwide. As the global market leader, Cabrinha is world renown for bringing innovations that matter to the market, including, but not limited to: the first production 5-line kite, RECON relaunch and security system, and the first successful Bow kites which revolutionized the sport. Cabrinha has developed a well deserved reputation for providing high performance equipment with ease of use and safety systems being second to none. The Cabrinha Crossbow was nominated for Volvo’s Sports Design Award for outstanding and innovative product and design development.

St. Francis Yacht Club

Founded in 1927, the St. Francis Yacht club is steeped in over 75 years of yachting and racing traditions. The annual racing schedule at the St. Francis is one of the most aggressive regatta calendars in the world. Part of the attraction of racing at the St. Francis Yacht Club is the excellent and challenging racing conditions unique to San Francisco Bay. Both physically beautiful and naturally demanding, the Bay provides a racer with the ultimate in wind, current, and weather conditions. It is not just the great sailing that makes the St. Francis a sought after site for important regattas. The St. Francis is an ideal location because of their professional staff. When managing a regatta they provide the best in race management both on and off the water.

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