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2010 Corpus Worlds training up-date...

Forum for everyone who is into racing and speeding on kites.

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Re: 2010 Corpus Worlds training up-date...

Postby Gebi » Sat Apr 17, 2010 4:55 pm

Been riding in Corpus for the last 4 days getting ready for the worlds, and can confirm when it is 9 meter weather, the chop is amazingly nasty. Making it downwind at 30 knots and trying not to stuff the nose is quite the challenge.

Looks like the forecast is getting lighter as yesterday we were on 11 meters and the rest of the week should be about the same.

I just wish that the our european brothers can make it over on the delayed volcano flights!

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Mads Johansen
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Re: 2010 Corpus Worlds training up-date...

Postby Mads Johansen » Sat Apr 17, 2010 5:30 pm

AAHIIIIIII over there!
The Danish Vikings are not going to make it to Corpus Christi on time :(
I am so disappointed :angryfire:

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Re: 2010 Corpus Worlds training up-date...

Postby cglazier » Sun Apr 18, 2010 1:04 am

Wow, it will be a shame that some of our European riders cannot make it.
Anyway, I'll be there soon ..unless we have our own volcano in Canada.
My goal is to finish in the top 50 riders (quite possible since there are only 46 registered). :D

Chris G

(and thanks to Adam for starting this thread has got me stoked.)

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Re: 2010 Corpus Worlds training up-date...

Postby gmb13 » Sun Apr 18, 2010 10:57 am


The worst case scenario has happened. I will not make it to Corpus on time.

I wish all the competitors who made it to Corpus on time the best of luck and I hope you guys have a successful comp.

New Video:

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Re: 2010 Corpus Worlds training up-date...

Postby föhn » Sun Apr 18, 2010 2:56 pm

kakanala wrote:omg, omg,.... does this mean that if things do not get any better, ....apart from Bruno (who actually is coming from Maui, not from home) ....I'm going to be the only European in the Worlds????

Hey, I'm just a panchito weekend warrior!!!!! Way too much weight on my shoulders, I am afraid.



p.s. I'm meeting here (CC, Tx) nicest guys EVER. Period.
Hy Kakanala,
Everything is going to be a positive experience! :wink:


Ps. ... highlight=

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Re: 2010 Corpus Worlds training up-date...

Postby MKM » Mon Apr 19, 2010 1:25 am

Our portion of the Cabrinha Team made it to Corpus yesterday. I met up with Damo and Melissa in Dallas and shared a flight the rest of the way. Garry Menk was waiting at the airport when we arrived as his flight had just landed. After shoving all of the gear into a mid sized taxi we were off to our secret beach side training grounds!

Surprise, surprise... upon arriving our secret lair we noted that the color of the buildings were far different from those on the website (as was the condition of the building). After an interesting check in process whereby the manager sternly requested payment before we were actually able to see the room, we were starting to think twice about our choice. Thankfully Damo had more patience that I and we were able to survey the situation before paying. I have stayed in worse, but not since Jr. high school. All I can say is that "it's small, but dirty". Damo and I kept trying to reassure ourselves that this is the best for training and that the sheets at least looked clean. We put it behind and started to look forward!

We quickly put together our boards and Garry and I hit the water for a light 11 meter session. As I pretty much dialed in my stuff weeks ago, I was just looking for some leg burn and to get used to my PFD as they are required for this event. Garry on the other hand had just finished his new board and needed to dial in fins and foot strap positions. Fortunately, Damo decided to hang on the beach to play pit crew for him. After 2 fin swaps and a foot strap alteration, Garry was in the zone.

While Garry and Damo were testing, I decided to cross the bay to ride at the race venue (about 4 miles and crosses a major shipping lane). I could see a few kites in the distance lining up. They looked to have launched off Oleander. I ran into Gebi and we did a few tests upwind and then launched into a few half hearted down wind runs. The chop was larger than Miami for the same conditions, but pretty easy to get used to. I'm sure windy 9 meter or with the wind a bit more onshore, this place will be interesting. I have raced here probably more than most of the riders as we used to come to windsurf at the US Open, so I'm familiar with the location, but the boards we raced back then were longer and handled the chop better tan these shorter kite course boards.

After a bit of riding with Gebi, Heineken rode into check things out. I left him and Gebi to ride and headed back across the bay to head for home. On the way down, I saw a very serious Adam Koch heading back up wind toward Oleander. It looked like the boys were all still in full catastrophe mode, rigging, sanding, and building. They had a ton of kites pumped up on the beach and I'm guessing that they were happy to ride in some lighter conditions as it looks like things may be going that way for the event after Thursday. I’m good with light as we have had countless hours testing 13’s and 16’s before this event and now firmly believe that our big kites hold a fairly significant advantage in 13 and 16 meter conditions. Only time will tell. I’m also looking forward to the windy stuff on Thursday so that I can put my legs though a test! I’m sure my normal fin combo will be a challenge down wind and it will be more a matter of keeping it together than searching for speed! It’s going too be fun.

The only bummer it that it seems as though several European riders will be unable to attend given the flight situation. We are all hoping that things will work out for them as I know how much work goes into this. Thankfully, Bruno was in Maui and will be able to attend and therefore Europe will be very nicely represented by one of the best in the World (as well as a few others that made it). Gentlemen start your engines!

Garry and Josh charging for the finish of the Masters. Garry is ready for TX...he things.

a little 13 meter training at last weeks Miami Kiteboard Masters. Damo, Garry, Josh, and Melissa were all charging!

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Re: 2010 Corpus Worlds training up-date...

Postby MoscowKite » Mon Apr 19, 2010 10:52 pm

what is the news from the competition?

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Re: 2010 Corpus Worlds training up-date...

Postby AdamKoch » Tue Apr 20, 2010 12:51 am

MoscowKite wrote:what is the news from the competition?
news is there is no news....

No wind the last 2 dayz... But the USS Lexington tour is pretty sick! Should have wind tomorrow. We will all have to twiddle with gear and speculate till then brotha.


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Re: 2010 Corpus Worlds training up-date...

Postby ask » Wed Apr 21, 2010 5:13 pm

Yesterday was another light wind day here in Texas. Team Fluid spent the day building our last few spare equipment items. Having a few days off has been nice after the weeks of intense training.

Today is looking like a little better forecast with wind in the afternoon.

Registration and Opening Ceremonies are tonight 7pm at the Omni Hotel.

A short video of Adam Koch training in Washington before the event... ... State.html

Andrew Koch

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Re: 2010 Corpus Worlds training up-date...

Postby marina » Wed Apr 21, 2010 5:28 pm

The Kiteboarder rolled into town yesterday and will be blogging daily as well at which also feeds our twitter and facebook pages.

Here is the latest update

Stoked that many of the European riders did make it. According to Nils this morning, all but around eight.... full details at TKB....

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