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twist cut fins - do it yourself

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Re: twist cut fins - do it yourself

Postby holden » Fri Jun 18, 2010 3:38 pm

no debbie at all! it is totally important to think and talk about the dangers. in fact i was about to start a new topic on this. all race fins are potentionally dangerous. i just participated once in a race (kte podersdorf) and took a good look at the fins out there. to cut a long story short: sharp. not only i want to prevent others from getting hurt i also do not want to get an insury myself. my thoughts about this are, i want to first get the best performance out of the board. then i want to make it safer and better to control which also makes it safer. plus i am thinking a lot about what to wear when going out on my raceboard which i want to discuss, too. i do not think that the twistcut is particularly more dangerous than the rest of the fin.

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