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Asymmetrically foiled fins on quad - How do I ride it?

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Asymmetrically foiled fins on quad - How do I ride it?

Postby d0uglass » Thu Jun 10, 2010 5:17 pm


I need some technique and tuning advice for my new ride; a custom quad fin freeride raceboard that I got secondhand from a good racer.

The fins are asymmetrically foiled; flat on the inside and wing shaped on the outside. You can really feel them bite and want to pull you upwind, and it gets good upwind speed and angle with relatively very little edging.

Things get complicated and squirrely when reaching or going downwind, though. I can ride it flat and faaaast, but it seems real sensitive to slight changes in edging and fin pressure and it's easy to trip or go cockeyed.

There's pictures of the board and fin setup here: ... i%20Board/

Are asymmetrically foiled fins standard on these kind of boards? Would symmetrically foiled handle better? Would removing the front fins help? Any tips on stance and trim for maintaining control while riding fast at varous angles?

(About me- 160 lbs riding 14 m Cabrinha Contra and 12 m Cabrinha Crossbow in 9 - 15 knots, mostly. 1 year kite experience, mostly on twintips, but I'm pretty good. 31 yrs old, 22 years windsurfing including formula racing and stuff.)


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