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The upwind ideal in light wind.

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The upwind ideal in light wind.

Postby tautologies » Wed Aug 25, 2010 9:25 am

So I had the Venturi board out in winds 9-12 mph with a 16m Bolt.

What is the best technique to go way upwind (I am new to this). Of course I have a way way higher angle than any non-race board, but I am wondering what technique you use to squeeze that extra degree out of your gear?

Back foot all the way out over side fin, push down the toes to ride flat...I push out my back foot, and pull in on my front almost has the effect of turning my back to the direction I ride....trying to force the fins in..I've recently been trying to lean way back and keep the kite higher to get less weight on the board, where I before would try to keep the kite much lower and brute force the board up...keeping the kite higher seems to slow down a little, but makes it easier to get a higher angle...

In light winds I keep switching between standing high on the board and leaning way back...I cannot what say ye...any thoughts?

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