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Airush Monaro V3 vs V2

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Airush Monaro V3 vs V2

Postby PeterP » Mon Mar 14, 2011 7:27 pm

I’ve been riding the Airush Monaro V3 for a little while now. I have been racing with good success on the Monaro V2 all of last year and have ridden the two boards back to back a good couple of times.

The V3 is 65cm wide (up from 60cm on V2) and it’s thicker. Rocker and outline are unchanged. It’s also a quad, but all fins 28/26cm (V2 was using 22/18cm) are now vertical and further forward.

This means the board must be ridden a lot flatter and when you get it right it just accelerates and points 5-10deg higher. If you are not flat it’s slower than V2, but once you get it tuned in it just flies. Transitions are initially more cumbersome but you get used to it.
Downwind I found the plugs for a center-“chicken-strap” very useful, especially in stronger winds. We rarely get to go with anything bigger than 10sqm kite and the board is definitely more comfortable in lighter winds whereas I now race the V2 in winds gusting 35knots + on 5 or 7sqm kites no problem. Upper windrange is probably around 25knots for the V3 – and I don’t really know the bottom-end, but would imagine it will go if your kite is flying.

It’s a board you need to spend time on, but then you will be rewarded with great performance which should be very competitive against any production board out there.

If you are more into cruising then I’d suggest looking at the Sector V2 60cm – this board has a lot of racing performance but is easier to ride and will beat the V3 on the strong wind days.

The raceboards are changing and the V3 is right up there with the latest generation customs and it should do very well in the production world champs.

If you need further info feel free to pm me.

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