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Heineken(s) Take Down Cabrinha Kiteboard Racing #2

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Heineken(s) Take Down Cabrinha Kiteboard Racing #2

Postby thehand » Tue Apr 26, 2011 2:42 am

Race 2 of the 2011 Cabrinha Kiteboard Racing Series saw most riders grabbing their 11.0-13.0 meter kites as racing kicked off under overcast skies and the typical 16-20+mph breezes of San Francisco Bay this past April 21st.(pictured Race 1 goes off - Photo Gallery Click Here)

After last race's bruising carnage laden affair the fleet was ready for a kinder gentler San Francsico Bay and that's just what the assembled 33 racers got. Winds were a bit lighter on spots, but on average a nice 20mph wind filled the course. New St. FYC Race Committee head, Robbie Dean, has now proven himself worthy, and once again racing 3 races went off without a hitch. After a big blows at race 1 of the Cabrinha, and the Elvstrom Zellerbach last weekend Robbie's definitely aware he's not in San Diego anymore.
At times the racing resembled an Ozone Kite parade. With Ozone Kites leading right off the starting line in tightly woven packs with the rest of the fleet relegated to chasing. Alpha dog on the day was new Ozone Team rider Johnny Heineken who was sporting a new green and black kite and had the parade lead on nearly every leg. It appears Johnny has moved on from RRD and is now riding with the Fly Ozone team. Also sporting a new kite was Adam Koch who's Blue and Black Ozone was pushing hard all day long to reel in Heineken. (pictured below the 13meter Ozone's in three different colors out front pictured l-r unidentified (who is this?), Chip Wasson, Adam Koch, Johnny Heineken.)
Cabrinha Kiteboard Racing San Francisco

The Heineken family is one of the water and today's racing saw the emergence of a new Heineken poised to take kiteboard racing to new heights for the ladies. Johnny's sister, Erika, was on the course for her first dip in to the racing scene at the Cabrinha series. Erika posted a 23-26 scoring line in the days last two races. The most impressive Heineken performance of the week however may have to go to Heineken dad, Paul, who was out racing in the Elvstrom Zellerbach this weekend in 25 knots – in a Laser! Now that's a sailing clan. (pictured below Joey Pasquali leads the fleet off the line)
Race one saw Heineken (Johnny) simply out pointing the fleet upwind as he cruised to a reasonably comfy 30 second victory over Koch in race one. The fleet spread out very quickly with a huge gap forming after the top 10 kiters as racers were needing to make extra tacks to make the mark as the wind lightened slightly at the upwind mark. Adam Vance rounded out the top 3. (pictured below Heineken at left and Adam Koch at right as the head downwind)
Race two saw about a 2mph drop in the wind as some high level cloud cover moved in over the race course. The day's wind direction was a bit more from the north than normal due to a storm cell that had just dropped some rain across the Bay Area the day prior. This made starboard tack starting even more favored than normal and forced nearly the entire fleet to opt for the right hand forward start evry race. With a mild 1.5knot ebb moving in the opposite direction of the prevailing wind the chop was present but nowhere near the Vodoo Chop of the first event of the series. The top two repeated their race one positions with Chip Wasson taking third.

PHOTOS FROM THE BOAT By Andrea T. Bass - click here

Race three (start pictured below) was kicked off under darkening skies and an even lighter breeze but the results were the same for Heineken and Koch with Joey Pasquali getting in on some podium action. The night however belonged to Johnny who even had his mom down at the club watching the action. Koch cruised to a second place on the night and Chip Wasson took a 1pt win over Pasquali to seal up third place. I didn't check out their boards but both Wasson and Koch are riding for a new fin company, Rista Fins, this year. Check out more on the fins Click Here.
Pos Sail Skipper 1 2 3 Total Points Pos
1 Green 5 John Heineken 1 1 1 3.00 1
2 Red 4 Adam Koch 2 2 2 6.00 2
3 Yellow 15 Chip Wasson 4 3 4 11.00 3
4 Lt Blue 5 Joey Pasquali 5 4 3 12.00 4
5 Green 9 Adam Vance 3 6 6 15.00 5
6 Blue 7 Andrew Koch 6 5 8 19.00 6
7 Black 4 Geoff Headington 8 7 7 22.00 7
8 White 86 Bryan Lake 11 8 10 29.00 8
9 Red 20 Cameron Biehl 10 9 13 32.00 9
10 White 5 Eric Due 12 11 12 35.00 10
11 Orange 41 Anthony Chavez 13 12 18 43.00 11
12 Red 1 Jeff Kafka 19 15 15 49.00 12
13 Blue 6 John van Tesmar 16 14 20 50.00 13
14 Green 8 Tom Gore 17 19 14 50.00 14
15 Black 3 John Gomes 32 10 11 53.00 15
16 Orange 5 Frank Wittke 18 17 21 56.00 16
17 Black 6 Stefaans Viljoen 7 48/DNS 5 60.00 17
18 White 10 Marcelo Segura 23 18 22 63.00 18
19 Green 12 Ty Reed 9 48/OCS 9 66.00 19
20 Orange 9 Nick Levi 21 29 17 67.00 20

author and photographer
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