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Production Equipment Q&A updated

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Re: Production Equipment Q&A updated

Postby handy » Sun Nov 06, 2011 4:01 pm

But if you want a PRODUCTION BOARD, you need PRODUCTION riders too !
Caus 170cm / 70 kg guy with shoesize 40 can't ride the same board as 195cm/ 90 kg shoesize 48 guy. So you want to do it like back in the old windsurfdays with 2 weight classes, thats stupid.
the other thing is price for footstrapinserts. If you want to quaratie perfect footplacing for everybody on one board,you need al least 6 stans options = 12 Inserts per strap = 60 for 5 straps.
now to put every shoesize correctly on the rail you nee a insert placed for ervery 2 shoesizes
38- 48 = 5 insert lines multipyed by 4 Footraps = 240 plus the 5th strap is a total of 252 Inserts!!!

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