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Olympic trials for Kitesurfing - Santander

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Re: Olympic trials for Kitesurfing - Santander

Postby Toby » Wed Mar 28, 2012 4:31 pm

Damo's wrap up:

ISAF Kiteboarding Olympic Trials Wrap up
As the Sailing evaluation came to a close in Santander, Spain there was nothing more than one thing on everyone’s mind. “Kiteboarding” The group of riders from all around the world went above and beyond for the ISAF committee and the sailing world and did an amazing job. Now it is in the hands of everyone out there in our sport. Go to your local sailing clubs and let them know we are here to stay. It is not a matter of if we get in to the Olympics it is WHEN? 2016? The impact we made is big let’s make a push worldwide in the sailing world and our sport. We don’t need to fight any boat or class for a medal we are so unique and exciting we proved in Spain, we are worth our own medal and it will happen. Have faith and believe…

Push to be in more ISAF events so we can be seen by the sailing world more. We have the answer for media and views for sailing in the Olympics.· Lets show them the hype we can create…·· Through Magazines, Videos, Articles, Racing, clubs you name it…. More Info at:

Mark my words! “We will be in 2016 in Rio representing kiteboarding” Lets get together and make this happen. Thank you ISAF!

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