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Utah Speed kiting!!

Posted: Thu Jun 28, 2012 8:18 pm
by cnski
Had a really fun speed session on Rush Lake near Stockton, Utah on Sunday June 24th. Winds were blowing 25-30 mph and I was riding a 10m 2012 North Rebel with a custom Cape Doctor speed board in perfectly groomed flat water. It is a small lake with fluctuating water levels that can expose some very smooth water. It sits at 5032 feet above sea level. I have been waiting for a session like this for years. I was using a Locosys GT-31 GPS unit. My data was sent to Craig Bergh(USA Regional Timekeeper for for data correction and analysis. He said these are some of the fastest kite speeds ever recorded on USA waters. I hope to keep dueling it out with you, Alex Aguera!!! Maybe we can start our own USA speedkiting contest? My speeds are as follows:

vmax- 45.097 knots
100m- 44.88 knots
250m- 44.62 knots
500m- 42.45 knots
2s- 44.98 knots
10s- 44.67 knots
20s- 43.19 knots

Re: Utah Speed kiting!!

Posted: Sat Jun 30, 2012 3:00 am
by davesails7
cnski wrote:I hope to keep dueling it out with you, Alex Aguera!!! Maybe we can start our own USA speedkiting contest?
Are you going to invite Rob Douglas? :thumb:

Re: Utah Speed kiting!!

Posted: Mon Jul 02, 2012 4:42 pm
by MKM
good speeds! However, i think that there are several gps speeds over 50 already in the US. I remember that at Robs event on the Vineyard, they hit 50. I know that Damo and Rob also both broke 50, 2 weeks ago in prep for the worlds in France. I'm guessing that they didn't send the times in. Not sure. In any case, it sounds like you have a great spot too. Keep pushing! Good luck.

Re: Utah Speed kiting!!

Posted: Tue Jul 03, 2012 5:41 am
by cnski
Thanks MKM. I will keep pushing. It is actually a pretty special spot that can produce some very fast speeds. I've been to some of the worlds top speed venues years ago and know what our little country lake can offer. It also has a lot of history. The Buzainis family and many Utah windsurfers learned to sail here. It is a great flat water kite spot. Utah also has some fantastic light wind raceboard conditions. We kite year-round and get 8 months on the water. Spring-time can be awesome with epic powder skiing, snowkiting, and kiteboarding in the same day. I would invite Rob but can only offer a chicken fried steak dinner at The Miners Cafe in Stockton, Ut for the banquet dinner. A far cry from Maine lobster, but filling nonetheless.