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Talents meets experience in 2014 Kite Youth & Masters Worlds

Posted: Mon May 12, 2014 4:20 pm
by Toby
IKA News:

Talents meets experience in the 2014 Kite Youth & Masters Worlds

Cagliari Yacht Club and the famous Poetto Beach will be again at center stage of the kiteboarding world, hosting the Master and Junior World Championship Race from 12th until 18th of May. More than 65 athletes from 25 nations will gather in Sardinia's capital to participate and to take their chances for the prestigious crown. Poetto Beach will be full of life as veterans experience will be met with young talents and passion promising great spectacle. The title contenders are many and the competition level is high so great battles will be underway by tomorrow.

The event in Cagliari can be also an anticipation of getting Kitesurf in the Olympic Games of Tokyo, as Kitesurfing is growing constantly and spread out more stops and tours all over the world attracting huge interest and having a lot of funs.

Re: Talents meets experience in 2014 Kite Youth & Masters Wo

Posted: Wed May 14, 2014 12:29 am
by Toby

Cagliari, 2014 may 13 – The Yacht Club Cagliari and the 6th stop of the Poetto are again the leaders of the mundial kiteboard: from 12 to 18 May it will host 65 competitors from 25 nations, who will compete for the World Championship and Junior Master of the discipline 'Race', that for the Olympics from Tokyo 2020.

It’s the third time that this beach stretch of Cagliari and its prestigious club hosts a mundial competition in this sport. In may of 2002 the Cagliari Kite Worlds was the first Mundial Championship of the wakeboard style in a sport still growing. In October 2012, the Kiteboard Racing World Championship, the world-class ever, surpassed the record of participants (over two hundred), with the show a few meters from the shore, with the international image of Cagliari as a tourist city

“with this great race we celebrate the first 50 years of the club, " said the president of the Yacht Club Cagliari, Alberto Floris “in Cagliari we have the advantage that you can practice sailing for twelve months a year. "

The headquarters will be set up in front of the italian army bathhouse. "We are happy to help organize a race that represents the clean sport, such as the bearer of the values ​​of solidarity and friendship, the same weapon that Armed Forces out every day, in every part of the world," said the General Claudio Tozzi, head of the Independent Military Command of Sardinia.

Mirko Babini, President of the IKA, the international federation othe , talked about the tourism value in the long term determined by the league "The Poetto beach always offers ideal conditions, the riders can move easily and really this sport could provide an important and continuous gain."

There were also at the conference Peter Sanna (President of zone III the FIV), Franceso Ettorre (national vice president IVF), skipper Andrea Mura and representatives of civic institutions.

The event.: The league has a historical significance : them until 2013 Youth and Masters titles were awarded in the absolute tournament. The increase of kite practitioners convinced the international federation (IKA) to dismember the two events. This will be the first time that the spotlight will be focused exclusively on the Master (over 35) and Youth (under 21), a blend of experience and freshness that will ensure the show, with regattas, commented by a professional speaker, will allow the public to fully enjoy the entertainment at sea.

The schedule. Yesterday the arrivals and registrations stage finished, already this afternoon the practice race is scheduling (start 14.30) to allow riders to become familiar with the thermal of Cagliari. From tomorrow until Sunday there will be real races that award (for the first time in a separate event) Masters and Youth titles. The league will be divided into three phases: tomorrow and on Thursday the races will determine the Gold fleet, which will be played on Friday and Saturday access to the stage Medal, the decisive one for the victory that will take place on Sunday.

The favorites. In the Youth group the first candidate to win is the German Florian Gruber, the absolute mundial champion. Among the Master there will be the Polish Tomek Janiak and Canadian Adam Vance. The italian patrol ha salso three Sardinian athetes: Luke Frey (Youth), Davide Murtas and Andrea Caproni (Master).

The races will start again at 12.00. Results and real-time information are on the website and on the the Facebook page dedicated to the event.