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Live 2 kite customer service - nothing but good

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Live 2 kite customer service - nothing but good

Postby CameraGuy » Wed Nov 21, 2007 4:45 am

sometimes this forum is used to bust up maufactures and slam brands, etc...

a few weeks ago i had problem with a harness purchased from Having purchased it 7 months ago i doubted anybody could or would help me because i purchased it online and all.

to my amazement Evan's shop took care of me with zero questions or hassle. if anyone is buying anything online check these guys out first they are world class.

thanks !

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Postby aahi » Wed Nov 21, 2007 5:11 am

Yep, Evan is THE man... love working with him.

highly recommended!! :thumb:

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Postby mikewang » Wed Nov 21, 2007 5:13 am

Those guys really have their operation right. I've bought from them twice. They answered my questions precisely and swiftly, also I had to refund my whole 2nd order because I didnt like the items, and they refunded me no problem.

Live2kite has real cool customer service, and they'll pricematch other stores so best of both worlds. price and service, a store at the top of my list.

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Postby K3rM1t » Fri Nov 23, 2007 4:51 am

I just met Evan and ... Jim(?) at live2kite the other night. Cool guys that were cool shooting the breeze even right at closing time. The warehouse is loaded with gear including things that haven't hit the web site yet.

I'd recommend calling them up before ordering and checking out to see if there are any specials or deals or just get to know the guys you're giving all your money to!

on another note:
cameraguy, shouldn't you be supporting our local shops? ;)

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Postby Andres_Santacruz » Fri Nov 23, 2007 5:57 am

A pleasure to deal with as a dealer buying from them as distributors of a couple brands (Mystic, RRD, etc), highly recommend them.

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Postby Coloradokiter » Fri Nov 23, 2007 4:45 pm

Same here, I too had a harness issue and received great service from them. I'll be looking at them first for any future purchases for sure.

thanks for being a first class operation.


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