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SuperFly Open Pics and Results

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SuperFly Open Pics and Results

Postby uka » Wed Feb 13, 2008 4:14 am

See some amazing SuperFly Pics here:

The first annual SuperFly Open was a huge success. The goals for the event were to promote snowkiting, help preserve snowkite access at Powder Mountain Utah, and provide a venue for snowkiters to meet, ride, and have a great time. I’d say we did it.

The event in part owes that success to you the riders who came out and put on an impressive display for the sport of snowkiting. During the course of the SuperFly Open, hundreds of resort spectators stood momentarily over the event site to watch snowkiters jump, slide, and generally having a great time. Up to three trainer kites at a time were flying during most of the event by people of all ages looking to check out the sport. We estimated that 60 people flew a trainer kite for the first time. The event brought out just over 50 snowkiters from all over the US and overseas together to share the addiction.

The success of the SuperFly Open was also due to many great sponsors that contributed one way or another. Thank You! (Please check out" onclick=";return false; for a complete list) Best Kiteboarding lead the charge and provided huge support from the beginning. During the event, Best Kiteboarding kept the trainer kite clinics going strong and also provided much needed event support.

Locally, we had great community support and interest. In addition to the sponsors, there were 20 plus volunteers that helped with everything from setting up tents and banners, running flags, to registration. Great media coverage was evident by all the photographers and videographers scattered all over the slopes. Snowkiting and the SuperFly Open scored hits on numerous television shows, newscasts, radio and in print.

As a first time event organizer, I got worked. It felt something like climbing three days above 20,000 feet without a rest day, with little sleep, food or water. Seeing people like Pat from Park City who was always the first person on the hill and the last to leave, and many others like him who kited till they physically couldn’t kite anymore and only had a perma-grin to offer made it worth it. Much respect goes out to you guys that have been doing this awhile, Brian and Heather, and the boys at the Rodeo, to name a few. Get out and support them this weekend and the weekends to come.

A short summary of the event would include three solid days of kiting. Friday had strong gusty winds and an awesome freestyle competition. Event winners were:

Mens Open Snowboard
1. Remi Meun
2. Peter Johanson
3. Morten Gjerstad
4. Jacob Buzianis

Mens Open Ski
1. Bjorn Kaupang
2. Kevin Steen
3. Robert Whittal
4. Patrick Nedele

Also, the boys were quick to set up the 20 foot slider and put on a show for the photogs. Meanwhile, we worked hard to get the 48’ slider in place. Friday also saw the first ever Best Winter Girl Model Search. Enjoy the pics. The runner up was not only beautiful, she owns three Best kites, was from Canada, and was actually snowkiting that day.

Saturday had lighter winds around 10-15 mph most of the day. The winds were just strong enough to do the “time-trial” kite race and keep kites in the air most of the time. Due to Powder Mountains risk management, a kitercross race was not going to happen this year. We’ll paint a different picture for next year, call it something different, and try something new. Results to the “time-trial” kite race are:

Mens Open Snowboard
1. Jim Bison 1:42
2. Remi Meun 1:47
3. Spencer Regiudel 1:52
4. Andrew Krier 1:59
6. Jacob Buzianis 2:06

Mens Open Ski
1. Robert Whittal 1:27
2. Bjorn kaupang 1:37
3. Thomas Reynolds 1:48
4. Mike May 1:49
5. Ken Lucas 2:12
6. John Lhotak 2:13

Womens Open Snowboard
1. Heather Schenck 2:31

Mens Sport Snowboard
1. Kody Hoover 2:08
2. Conrad Best 2:17

Before and after the time trial, there were almost always a handful of kiters going back and forth over the 48’ slider. Morten and his crew were busy filming with sled support, hopefully we’ll see some of that footage next fall with the next film release. Saturday evening, we also enjoyed a presentation from Andrew McLean and the Pittarak Expedition. Thank you for pushing the limits with kites and sharing it with us.

Big Air Sunday was AMAZING! Perfect wind, blue skies, lots of sun surrounded by a breathtaking views. Constant pre-event snowfall and risk of getting features completely covered kept the snowcat from building jumps and a quarter pipe spine we had planned before the event. Early, the snowcat went out and built up something for kiters to play on. Again, Pat was the first to go out and jumped and jumped and jumped. As the others made it out, the scene was no less than impressive. Alex, Remi, Bjorn, Rob, Kevin and many others put on a great show. I can vividly remember the bottom graphics on skis and boards better than who were riding them.

All in all, we got lucky with wind and weather and had a great turn out all three days. Please, if you have recommendations or comments that would help make the event better for next year, send them to me, les at Utah Kite Addiction dot com. Again thanks for coming out. Hope to see you next year, same time, same place.

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Re: SuperFly Open Pics and Results

Postby wreknball » Wed Feb 13, 2008 4:33 am

Good Job Buddy,


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