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Airlines to start charging for 2nd checked in bag!

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Airlines to start charging for 2nd checked in bag!

Postby kite_n_rnd » Thu Feb 28, 2008 3:27 pm

Excerpts from Mercury News article in the San Franciso Bay Area:

Don't overpack, or it may cost you.

Three weeks after United Airlines said it will begin charging passengers $50 to check in a second bag on round-trip flights, US Airways jumped on board Tuesday and adopted the same policy.

You can expect the other big carriers to follow.

"By the time Memorial Day hits, all major airlines will be doing it," said Terry Trippler, an airline consultant and travel expert. "They will not pass up that revenue source for the summer."

So much for flying with kite gear! First, they were hitting us with extra fees for
checking in a 'board.' Now, checking in a second bag. What's next, paying to use
the toilet??

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