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Rebel 08 vs Rhino 08

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Rebel 08 vs Rhino 08

Postby LiftingHigh » Mon May 19, 2008 3:12 pm

Which kite is better for one quite quiver??? I think 9 or 10 size fit a range 10-30 using two boards. any reviews about range jumping- upwind- eating gusts- fast turning. not intrested in wave, really. Norths says rhino has better range but i saw a friend riding a rebel07 9mts at 35knts and another day 10-12knts almost comftable. I believe rhino would be a good kite for light wind (especially 10m) but will be really overpowered at 30-35nts for a light rider !?

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Re: Rebel 08 vs Rhino 08

Postby Sake » Mon May 19, 2008 7:42 pm

There's a BIG difference between Rebel08 and Rhino08.
I rode the Rebel a lot and the Rhino now 3 times. Both on 10m.
It's better to compare range of Rebel08 10 with R8 9m.
It's stated also in the range on North's website.

You need to ride them to be able to find you like best.
Regarding range, the Rebel08 goes early, but the "Fun" range of the Rhino starts way earlier.

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Re: Rebel 08 vs Rhino 08

Postby LiftingHigh » Wed May 21, 2008 1:20 am

11knots for a 10m sounds very good as low end!! I imagine already boosting on my spleen :cool2: :cool2: . unfortunately i dont have the opportonity to test ride the kite, is it true that rhino is actually a Slow kite ??? Looks like nobody else here have tried the new rhino! any other reviews??

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Re: Rebel 08 vs Rhino 08

Postby booster1111 » Wed May 21, 2008 8:59 am

As always the low end depends espec. on your weight and board size/typ etc.. I have a R 08 10 and the low end is slightly better than from the 07 - I have used it in gusts easily up to 40 knts - but I changed the trim (length of the backlines) and I have 85 kg - For real light wind below the 13-15 knts barrier with my weight I would rather go for a bigger kite for maximum performance - or you ride a skim or surfboard ...
A one kite quiver is definitely always a compromise and it depends which windrange will be most of the time the average for you.
It is a fantastic high performance kite (superb hangtime and jumping hight, fast and high pointing) -slow? (I guess you refer to the reaction time to steering impulses?) I depends what style you prefer - I would say turing speed it is somewhere in the middle, but I would not call the kite "slow" - if you are into wakestyle go for the Vegas -

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Re: Rebel 08 vs Rhino 08

Postby ramous » Wed May 21, 2008 11:01 pm

Get the rebel, the rhino's are very fragile and will fall apart as thaey are only for raceing.
I found out the hard way.
All the best

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Re: Rebel 08 vs Rhino 08

Postby Puetz » Thu May 22, 2008 11:31 am

... eh!

Ramous are you on drugs...? ahh... wait a sec! I get it, reverse psycology, I see ... you are acutually a north guy but say something really out there and idiots like me say blah blah your wrong blah blah... eh! Your wrong dude! But I get it, start some bull shit to get a rise out of people just to say the opposite! Any way, here goes one more, the Rhino is as strong if not stronger than alot of kites I've see around so bull shit its only for racing er-go its built too lighlt, if anything its a little over built and therefore heavy and er-go not good for racing, far from it. The Rhino is built great and good enough for my heavy ass to pull the odd kite loop.

Simply put, Rhino for grunt and go hard, Rebel for big fun with all the thrill but not too much scare, the Rhino can give you the scare factor if you drive the kite that way!

see ya,


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