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How do I IKO Self Rescue on a Cabrinha Pulley Bar?

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How do I IKO Self Rescue on a Cabrinha Pulley Bar?

Postby Ed_B » Thu Jun 05, 2008 4:17 pm

Hi, from my understanding, for the IKO method...
1) Move leash to a side OSH.
2) Unhook CL. Kite Flags on leashed side line, Bar goes towards kite.
3) Swim towards bar, wrap with 1(+) kitelenghts of side line pulled in.

What do you do for a Cabrinha pulley bar, such as the 2N1? These have no side OSH, no easy way to grab the side lines. What is the process for this?

Also, please don't start an "IKO vs Follow-a-Line" discussion - there are plenty of threads for that.

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Re: How do I IKO Self Rescue on a Cabrinha Pulley Bar?

Postby randykato » Thu Jun 05, 2008 6:28 pm

You can't see the forest for the trees.

Don't think of the particular equipment, think of the overall concept. First you kill the kite, that may be via rear line OSH, or by 5th line or by pushing the bar all the way away on a bow kite, or.... Then you wrap up whichever line(s) is holding the kite - the 1 kitelength guide is still good here - when you think you've wrapped enough, wrap some more.

All you're doing is killing the kite, then wrapping the lines so that it remains dead.

Specifically with the Cab 2N1 bars, there is a flagging ring on one of the front lines (performs the same basic function as an OSH on a rear line of the system you learned on). You can hook your leash to that.

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