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Assault 2 16 vs Assault 2 19

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Assault 2 16 vs Assault 2 19

Postby kitesurf66 » Thu Jun 12, 2008 4:51 pm

It seems my 5 year old deleted this post while playing on my computer. I need some advise. I can get the 16 or the 19. My weight is 220 lbs, ride a board 145x46, and would like to use the kite in 10 knots on. Do both have the same bar pressure? Turning-wise, how slow are they? A friend pointed me to a review on the 19 vs the monsoon 17, and I did not get much about what I would like to know. So what's the verdict? Yeah, I know that are other kites I could look into, but there are good deals online on these 2 and would like to go for either.


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