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5th Line Adjustment on North Vegas HELP!

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5th Line Adjustment on North Vegas HELP!

Postby Clark » Sat Jun 14, 2008 5:24 pm

I have a 14m and 10m '07 Vegas which I use with one bar/lineset. I have always thought that my 10m performed much better than the 14m. The 14 has always felt like it would stall easily when I loaded up for a jump whereas I didn't have that problem with the 10m. The other day I had a buddy of mine who has a Vegas quiver as well and is an advanced rider try my 14m out. He noticed the same thing and had me extend the backlines 1 knot to depower it a little. That made the kite perform much better but now my linelengths are not equal and I will have to readjust it when i put it on the 10m.

So, here is the question: I have heard that some of the Vegas come from the factory with the 5th line length slightly off. I think this is the problem with my 14. Should I add a pigtail on the 5th line coming from the kite to lengthen it or should I add a knot on the 5th line so I can shorten the length? If I fix the 5th line length I should be able to put my lines back so they are all equal length.

Hope this makes sense!!! Thanks!

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