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Jeremie Tronet Tarifa Update

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Jeremie Tronet Tarifa Update

Postby Toby » Mon Jun 30, 2008 2:01 am

Jeremie Tronet News

First of all I wanted to share with you a cover of the french kiteboarder magazine with a special pic.

Half water, half air with a nice nurse shark in the bottom ! The picture was taken in the Grenadines.
french-kiteboarder-june08.jpg (40.88 KiB) Viewed 1179 times
I am just back from a small demo trip in Spain .... only 7 days between Malaga and Tarifa, kiting on the costa del sol.

I left Nice Airport on thursday ( France ) and flew to Zurich where I had to catch an other plane to Malaga in Spain.

Alberto the Ocean Rodeo dealer in Spain, came to pick me up at the airport.
I was super hungry, so we went straight to a nice restaurant right on the beach, Los Salamos ( one of the kite spots there) to eat some local specialities and check the wind. I also met Jema, Alberto's girlfriend, she also works with him.

The wind wasn't so good, so we decided to go to the cable park in Marbella. The place is very nice, and there weren't so many people around.

The cable is a very good way to train kiteboarding and wakestyle tricks, but was much more dificult than I thouht .

Back from the cable we went to have dinner with some of Alberto's friends and we went out.
Spain is famous for parties.... and I know why now!

We had some great fun hanging out with Jesus, German and the others.

It was a very busy first day.

The next day we stayed home to rest from the cable and the party. All my muscles were stiff.
The Saturday we saw that windguru forcasted some Levante for Tarifa so we hit the road and arrived in Tarifa. It is one of the most famous spots in the world with many kiters from all over Europe.
jeremie tronet (3).jpg
As soon as we arrived, the various windmills were turning very fast because of the strong Levante.

We headed to Val de Vaqueros, the best place in Tarifa to kite with the Levante .
Tarifa Val Devaqueros.jpg
The spot is very nice but choppy and full of people, kiters and windsurfers.
tarifa group.jpg
It was blowing over 40 knots and very very gusty .. impossible to do some handle passes.

I went out on my 8 diablo c kite and it was a nightmare, I could barely hold on to the kite in the gusts and it was to risky to jump high or do anything because of the hundreds kiters and windsurfers in the water downwind.
Tarifa jeremie tronet.jpg
It wasn't the best session ever, especially when you come back from the Caribbean and the easy spots ... but it was a nice day !

That night we decided to go out for a while and discover ( again) how crazy the parties are down here.

The next day, the Levante was still blowing strong, so we decided to go to Canos, an other spot more to the west where the wind is a bit weaker.
I went out on my 8 and 10 but the gusty and the wind didn't allow me to train properly and land some new tricks. I could play around and do what I already knew .

Sunday night was the football match between Italy and Spain, we were eating in a restaurant when Spain won the match. It became completely crazy in the streets and it was a great excuse to go out again .

We went back to the hotel early this time and drove back to Malaga the next day.

The Poniente was blowing between 15 to 20knots down here so we went straight to the beach pumped up the kite and did a nice demo.

The night was the St Jean, so again, a party was organized right on the beach with big bonfires until the day came.

The last 3 days we haven't been very lucky with the wind but it was an opportunity to speak about communication strategy to represent Ocean Rodeo in Spain.

I am now in France where I finally got my new passport that I can fill again with brand new customs stamps from all over the world .

Jeremie Tronet
Professional Kiteboarder

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