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Wainman Hawaii 12m Boss Review

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Wainman Hawaii 12m Boss Review

Postby singlemalt » Mon Jul 21, 2008 5:50 pm

Got out yesterday for an hour on the new Wainman Hawaii 12m Boss. It's part of the Rabbit Series of kites. Winds were blowing around 10-16, averaging around 13 or so. I was riding at Matanzas Inlet in Northeast Florida and the current was slack. I weigh 170lbs, and was riding a Totora Wave Skate 5'0" most of the time. Here are some comments:

Kite Construction and Looks: Bombproof and a lot of attention to detail. Very solid, extra stitching and scuff guards where you need it, etc.. It has one pulley on each side of the kite on the front line bridle. The bridle is also very small and almost impossible to tange with anything. The back lines attach right to the kite. So, super simple in terms of bridles and pulleys. Shape looks similar to the F-One Bandit but deeper and more solid. When in the air, it looks very different from anything else I've seen.

Bar and Lines: One word... Simple. There's nothing hanging off of it. Nothing to get twisted, nothing in the way, very little to go wrong. I know it's a matter of opinion but this is the cleanest, simplest bar I've ever used outside of building my own. In the bag is an optional front line safety kit that can be added for full depower. It's just a line that attaches to one of the front lines and then runs down through the bar so you can leash to it. I just leashed to the center line, there is a ton of depower in the kite.

Self Launch: Sand on the wingtip method if you want or just put it at the edge of the window and pull an outside line until it rolls over. Very easy if you have the room needed to do it.

Self Land: Attach your leash to a center line, bring the kite to the edge of the window, unhook and let go. Easy.

Speed: Fast. No problem putting the kite where you want it when you want. The turning speed can either be sped up or slowed down from the stock setting. (See pic)

Bar Pressure: These days this is a relative term. I would say light to medium for bar pressure. Personally I like some bar pressure and this kite felt just right to me. Winds were on the lighter side so I'll have to try it powered up.

Power: Lots of grunt combined with speed makes for lots of power!

Jumping: Not it's strong point but it's not meant for that. If you were lit and knew the kite really well I'm sure it would be fine. Kiteloops are a blast though. If you're into just cruising and jumping high this isn't the kite for you.

Unhooking: Very nice, super stable, won't wreck you if you miss a pass.

High end: Don't know yet, more to follow when we get more wind!

Who is this kite for?: Wave riders, wake stylers. If you ride waves on a surfboard you will fall in love with this kite. If you like to keep your kite low and do powered moves you will love this kite. If you just want to jump high you might like this kite but there are other kites better suited for jumping.

Overall: I really liked this kite. I feel comfortable saying it's one of the best I've flown in a long time. The packaging is both excellent and quirky. It's got extra attention to detail, the bag is one of the nicest I've seen, the bar is super simple and comes with an optional safety kit and a second chicken loop without a donkey dick, the safety system is easy but not obtrusive, the swivel actually worked, and most of all the kite looks cool in the sky! :thumb:

More to come as we get more wind...
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