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LaVentana Classic Results (Tim Hatlers report)

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LaVentana Classic Results (Tim Hatlers report)

Postby ikiter » Mon Feb 04, 2008 11:04 pm

WRAP UP :thumb: WE DID IT!!
This years contest had 3 original goals
1. Raise $6,000 USD for the LV KINDERGARTEN and El Sargento Primary School and Paint the Primary School
2. Keep everyone safe
3. Have Fun!!


An event this large was only possible through the generous donation of time by local volunteers. Although there are too many to list a special thanks goes out to the following key people
Help in signups and soliciting local prizes - Mark and Mary of Baja Joes, Justin
Sub-Delegado Oswaldo Cota -arranging all the necessary permits and donating use of the PA
MCs - Kent Forrest and Dave from SlingShot
Raffle team - Mary Sim, Shirley, Sandy, Linda Eaves, Jane, Wendy, Marla, Mary Bauer, Lorna, Loretta
Medical Support – Doreen and Renee
Contest Judges – Capt Kirk, Arnaud, and Marina
Panga Deckhands – Chuck, Roberto, Jay, Sara, Dave, Steve, Jorge, Larry, Jim, Richard, and more
Buoy support team – Jorge and Steve
Finish Line and safety support team – Santiago Olachea, Dave Millet, Katie, Beth, Alex, Jim and Sandy, Lana
Communication support – Sally
Volunteer Coordinator - Roberta
Beer Sales - Jimena and Hermina Malagamba
Dancer and food sale coordination - Veronica and Edgar
Hosting us on their beach – Joe and Angie
Food Sales and dancing – telesecundaria El Sargento, Primary El Sargento, Kinder de El Sargento, Kinder de La Ventana, primary del La Ventana, Rebeldia Costena y Bailadores de La Paz
Panga Slider team – Nat the engineer, Shannon, Rachel, Sara, Riel and friends
Beach support – Johnny and Rob from Baja Joes
Hand Painted trophies – Rachel
Painting project leaders – Ozzy and Theresa

AND A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU TO THE HARDEST WORKING FOLKS OF THE ENTIRE EVENT- THE PALAPAS VENTANA STAFF – whose time was donated by Palapas Ventana – Eric, Karon, Chuy, Eduardo, Israel, Yoni, Mari, Estrella and to Marina Chang of The Kiteboarder Magazine who organized the KitExpo, trick contests and a million other things

The Painting Project
We said we’d do it and we did!!! On Monday morning, the Vicente Guerrero Primary School in El Sargento was painted by 60 volunteers including racers, kite company reps, parents of the students, and seasonal locals. We got two great coats of higher quality paint on the entire school and basketball court and were even treated to a fantastic lunch put on by the parents. Everyone worked together like a finely oiled machine and we were done before noon!! THANK YOU SO MUCH

This years event raised money through the following methods
Sponsors, contest enrollment, Demo participation by Kite companies, raffle sales, beer sales, tshirt sales, and last minute donations in the coffee can. Raffle prizes were provided by local merchants and Kite companies in the Demo. Local schools sold food for direct profit. Outside private food vendors were run off by Edgar

A SPECIAL THANK YOU goes out to our biggest donors
1. HANDS OF FAITH and the Pelican Reef – Thanks Trigg and Vikki Gumm
2. La Ventana Builders – Thanks Mike, Brooke and Reina who sponsored all of our pangas and helped with the jerseys
3. Diamante Real Estate, Sol Y Mar Propiedades, RRD, La Ventana Windsports
Thanks for being a big part of this event

Thank you to our EXPO participants who donated to our cause to be in the event – Flysurfer, Best, F-One, Slingshot, Caution, Eclipse, Airush, North, FreakDog, Mystic, Blade, Naish, Liquid Force, Ocean Rodeo, Cabrinha, Carafino, RRD

Thank you to our local businesses who donated prizes and more to raise money in the raffle Baja Joes, New Wind, Ventana Windsports, Casa Verde, Yoyos Trailer Park, Kurt-n-Marina, KiteMasters, Captain Kirks, Mokies, Ventanas Del Sol, Viento Del Norte, Lopez Marine, Acuacultures de la Peninsula (LV Shrimp hatchery), Juan Ramones hardware, Veronica Lucero Massage, Tacos Rafa, Tacos Leon, Taqueria El Sargento, Taqueria en La Torre, El Rincon de la Bahia, Kijote Coffee, BMG Ferreteria, Taqueria La Palmilla, Miscalanea Lupita, Rico Baja, Aceites y Lubricantes Chaloy, Tortas y Hamburguesas Andrea, Turis Pancho Airport Shuttle and the Double Cross Race Event who has also promised to donate!!
Hermanos Higuera taller de fibra de vidrio – panga donation for sliders
Rotoplas Mexico – Buoy donation.

When it was all said and done here’s how we did
TOTAL Funds Raised = $ 11,876.50 USD

Here’s where this years money goes

KinderGarten in LV
gets $2,069 USD in playground toys
to be delivered in 1 week – inauguration soon

Primary School in El Sargento
got $972.50 USD in paint and tools
got paint job from volunteers - priceless
gets $ 8,835 USD towards construction of a new much needed 8 stall Bathroom and septic system
All payments will be made for materials and contracted services – no cash anywhere to anyone

The Crossing Race
11 windsurfers and 116 kiters participated in this years event. 15 pangas sponsored by local business La Ventana Builders and captained by our seasoned local fishermen transported the competitors to the waters of Los Viejos at Cerralvo Island. The race had 35 entrants in the sportsmen class and 92 in the competitors class. Two rabbit starts were held each with a 10 minute countdown….The starts were very exciting with varying strategies, and although there were many kites and windsurfers gunning for the gap between the buoy and boat at the same time, only two kites bumped and fell….and both riders re launched to finish the race.. The wind filled in just enough to include the turning buoy and the 3 downwind buoys with an estimated 18 knots in the channel and 12-15 near the La Ventana shore….The most competitive windsurfers were incredibly fast yet the kites were able to pump for speed in the lighter areas and power through the downwind buoys.

The course was 11.4 miles long and 1st place finisher Macrae Wylde crossed the finish line in a mere 23 minutes and 43 seconds on his 106 liter windsurfer with a 7.2 m sail ……With his GPS tracking his progress, he logged a top speed of 30.2 knots. Finishing 15 seconds behind him was Mark Dix also on a windsurfer (unfortunately disqualified due to a technicality) and the first kiter Sean Farley arrived 30 seconds after Macrae.

The first woman to finish the crossing was Marie from Baja Joes as she won for the third year in a row zipping across the Cerralvo Channel in 28th place overall.

4 kiters were picked up by the pangas for wrapped lines and one for a lost board. All in all it was a safe race and an incredible spectacle to watch. The skies were filled with color as 127 racers charged across the channel and then around near shore buoys on the shores of La Ventana in the name of raising money for our local schools and having fun. …….And thanks to our pangueros, every single one arrived safe on the shores of La Ventana.

LV CLASSIC CROSSING WINNERS – top 27 men and 10 women qualified for buoy racing finals

Mens Division (kite unless noted) Womens Division (kite unless noted)
1.Mcrae Wylde– Windsurfer 1.Marie Lecleire
2.Sean Farley 2.Cynthia Brown
3.Brendan Richards 3.Paula Sonnenberg
4.Jeff Burton 4.Ella Johnson
5.Mark Bavis 5. Gail Zaccai
6.Glen Mulvey 6. Shannon Gormley
7.Jeff Kafka 7. Brittney Todd
8.Jessie Richman 8.Tonia Farman
9.Frank Wittke 9.Becca Bolstad
10.Chip Wasson 10.Carol Bolstad
11.Anthony Chavez
12.Jean Michel Tremblay
14.Stefans Viljuen 1. Luc Gauthier
15.Josh Nehf 2. Karl Schutte
16.Arnaud Vuillermet 3. Mel Just
17.Thomas Carter
18.Chris Slolum
19.Nat Lincoln
20.Peter Schiebel
21.Mike Hill
22.Ozzy Ramirez
23.Walter Peck
24.Robbie Bowles
25.Paul Schiebel
26.KC Campbell
27. Xantos Villegas

An exciting course that included 2 laps with an upwind, reach, and a downwind slalom leg with buoys placed very near to shore for optimum viewing.
In the mens division the semifinal was run in 14-16 knots of wind and pitted the top 27 riders from the crossing head to head to test their skills. The top 9 finishers from this race then went on to the mens final. At 1 minute from the start in the final a random kiter crashed on the starting line plugging up the starboard tack side of the area. As the horn went off the 4 leading kiters were able to ollie over the downed lines while windsurfer Macrae was clotheslined backwards and wiped out. The two laps showcased the advantages of board designs as Chip Wasson pointed a good 8 degrees higher than everyone to dominate on the upwind legs and Sean Farley rallied back on the downwind legs with incredible speeds on his directional. At the exciting finish, leader Sean Farley missed a buoy, and Jeff Kafka squeaked out a win over Chip Wasson by a mere 3 feet. And Macrae had a 2nd encounter with the random downed kite as his unwrapped lines stopped him in his tracks again – this time snagging his fin.

In the Womens final, it was clear that girls have the most fun as all competitors were smiling and laughing during the race..But don’t let their positive outlook fool you, the women were fast!!

Mens Overall Winners for the La Ventana Classic
1. Jeff Kafka
2. Chip Wasson
3. Anthony Chavez
4. Jessie Richman
5. KC Campbell
6. Jeff Burton
7. Glen Mulvey
8. Macrae Wylde - Windsurfer
9. Sean Farley

Womens Overall Winners for the La Ventana Classic
1. Paula Sonnenberg
2. Shannon Gormley
3. Tonia Farman
4. Cynthia Brown
5. Carol Bolstad
6. Ella Johnson
7. Gail Zaccai
8. Marie Lecleire
9. Britney Todd
10. Becca Bolstad

Old School Trick Contest
Judges Captain Kirk, Marina, and Arnaud announced that Mexican rules applied and handshakes with mordidas were encouraged. 30 men and 8 women signed up to compete in the Old Skool Trick contest held on Sunday, January 27. Kiters, windsurfers, locals and spectators lined the beach in both directions for as far as the eye could see in anticipation of the big air show from pro’s like Dimitri Maramenides, Jessie Richman, and Jon Van Malsen, along with a host of riders from throughout North America looking to represent their local riding areas and show off their best Old Skool moves. The wind was fluctuating but finally around 2:30p, it kicked in and maintained at 15mph, the bare minimum needed to pull off the contest. The men started out first, competing in 3 heats of 10 to 11 riders for 15 minutes each, followed by a single heat huckfest by the women.

In the men’s heats, a combination of twin tips, mutants, directionals and even a Carafino hydrofoil board were used as they battled it out to advance to the semi-finals. Competitors struggled during the lull’s which were as low as 12mph and boosted their best old skool moves in the spikes which peaked at around 18. At the end of three heats, Nat Lincoln (Edge Kiteboarding), KC Campbell (San Diego), Jessie Richman (Cabrinha), Jeff Kafka (Cabrinha/Neptune), Chip Wasson (Ozone/Carafino), Bart Gaska (Carafino), Mike Attolico (Caution), Justin Manasco (Kitemasters) and King of the Old Skool moves, Dimitri Maramenides (Eclipse), advanced. Northwest kiter Brad Jensen earned an honorable best wipeout mention when he hit a ‘tinaco’(giant black water tank used as a boundary marker buoy) which sent his body flying in one direction and his board in the opposite when going for big air with a forward loop grab.

The women were up next and got the best wind of the day. Competing in one heat only, the crowd cheered them on as they threw down their best big air, board off and deadman moves. At the end of the heat, Tonia Farman (Liquid Force) earned top honors for her big air boost, local Cynthia Brown (Ozone) took the deadman win (no hands and best height) and Shannon Gormley won the board off.

In the men’s finals, the wind was starting to back off but still maintained a manageable velocity to pull off the heat. Much to the crowds chagrin, Dimitri and Jessie got tangled right before the start which resulted in Jessie’s board getting caught in Dimitri’s lines and a big hole punched into the trailing edge canopy of Dimitri’s kite. They pulled it together and Dimitri rallied, but in the end, the combination of lighter winds and Dimitri’s damaged kite knocked him out from pulling his signature old skool moves with any height. When the air horn blew to conclude the final heat, Nat Lincoln (Edge Kiteboarding, Naish) took best deadman, Jessie Richman (Cabrinha) had the highest big air boost of the day and KC Campbell (San Diego) earned the most stylish board off.

Nat Lincoln -deadman Tonia Farman - big air
Jessie Richman -Big Air Cynthia Brown - deadman
KC Campbell -Board Off Shannon Gormley - board off

If we do this event next year we will target projects at 2 of our other schools in the community. Thanks to all who raced, volunteered, donated, painted, participated, and supported this event. If you have ideas, suggestions or other comments please email me at and I’ll put you on the list as a volunteer or sponsor for the future.

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Re: LaVentana Classic Results (Tim Hatlers report)

Postby Uride2 » Tue Aug 12, 2008 9:59 pm

Any idea if this event will take place again...

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Re: LaVentana Classic Results (Tim Hatlers report)

Postby marina » Tue Aug 12, 2008 11:28 pm

Jan 22-25 is our tentative date. Planning begins this week!

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