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Kiters help needed for palliative children in Belgium

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Kiters help needed for palliative children in Belgium

Postby Gunther » Wed Jul 30, 2008 8:14 pm

Serafien is an organisation in Belgium for helping children with serious illness at home. But they are still not recognized by the Belgian authoroties. Therefore 'Serafien' organised a bet to collect 5000 pictures of people with kites from around the world. Or for example a KAP picture from another kite or a kite festive.

The team for palliative care of children at home, connected to UZ Gasthuisberg Leuven, is always ready to help people confronted with serious illness of their child. They function completely on goodwill as they are not recognized by the authorities (palliative care of adults is recognized). Too much of their valuable time is spent on collecting funds. The action "SERAFIEN" is meant to have such palliative care of children recognized by the authorities so that there will be some kind of subsidy.

And this is their website (sorry, in Dutch only)

I would like to ask to upload one or more of your beautifull pictures to help 'Serafien' reach their goal. It'll only takes 2 minutes.
If possible ask fellow Kapers or kiters to do this too. Reaching the whole globe would be fantastic.

You can upload your pictures here...

1/ In the 1st box, choose 'bladeren (=browse)' to select the file.
2/ In the 2nd box, enter the location where the picture is taken with some short info (in your language) and maybe your name or hometown
3/ Press 'opladen (=upload)' That's all.

The end result is planned for december and will be displayed in a big show in Antwerp

Many thanks for your help,

Gunther Jaspers

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