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Rhino08 questions - is this the kite for me?

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Rhino08 questions - is this the kite for me?

Postby Wavemonster » Thu Dec 11, 2008 4:23 am

I have not had the chance to see or ride any Rhino 08's. Currently coming off riding a Rebel 07 14m. A great deal to purchase a new 12m and 9m R8 combo has arisen.

Basically I like riding for big air, and some wave and freeriding. I have been happy with previous Rhino's, as they have always seemed the sweetest jumping kites. The Rebel I ride is good, but the days of big kites seem to be numbered. While it has good low end, I am looking to go back to a 2 kite quiver so as to have something more comfortable in stronger winds (20knots and above). I am 90kg and ride a 135 twin tip.

From what I have read, the 12m R8 has good low end, and hopefully jumps huge. Some comments have said it is a bit slow to turn perhaps. My main question is whether the 9m will be good for wave riding on stronger wind days, or days just under 20 knots on a surfboard. Hopefully it is quick enough for this.

Also, how is the topend range of these kites. Do you lose all power when you sheet out like the Rebel does, or are the Rhino's more of a C kite with residual power still evident with the bar out against the stopper?

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