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A call for help for our fellow kiter, Mila

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A call for help for our fellow kiter, Mila

Postby RickI » Mon Jun 08, 2009 1:49 pm

SOME ASSISTANCE FOR OUR FRIEND MILA … our fellow kiteboarder, future
firewoman and paramedic.

Mila riding a couple of years ago

• Mila has been a powerhouse, full of life, warmth and ready to help a friend. Her grace
and ability kiting are memorable.
• She has a condition that causes her intense pain from just walking and considerably
more in her job as a personal trainer and career in development as a fire fighter and
• She must have an expensive but essential leg operation.
• Mila pays for BCBS medical insurance but as an independent contractor has high
deductibles, co-pays and must pay for 25% of the operation, rehab.
• She may have a short fall of $20,000.00, perhaps more.
• Her family and friends are helping as much as they can but it may not be enough.
• Times are tough but we ask your help in freeing Mila from pain and restoring her ability
to serve as a fire fighter and paramedic.

Image Image
At the Fire Academy and with Adventure Sports Staff

More details below:

Due to a recent health issue, Mila finds herself in a financial bind. Many of us know Mila
as a dynamic athletic lady ready with a smile and a warm comment. She is a joy to
watch kiteboarding, capable and strong just as she has been as a physical trainer and
more recently in Fire Fighter School. Despite all these blessings, sometimes harsh
reality strikes out of nowhere. This proud, independent and sometimes stubborn friend,
Mila is reluctant to ask for assistance, but was convinced by some of her friends who
want to help.

Image Image
Repelling down the tower at Fire Fighting School and taking a break after a long and HOT school day

Mila was recently diagnosed with a serious, worsening leg condition which requires
immediate surgery and most likely additional similar surgeries over her life time. Basic
physical movement such as walking (now limping everywhere) has become very painful.
This has severely restricted her work activity, has kept her away from the water which
she loves … and, her new career as a fire fighter that she has worked so hard for, has
been put on hold. Although the condition is serious, Mila’s doctors have assured her
that following surgery and rehab, she will be able to continue to pursue her fire
fighter/paramedic career.

Mila is a responsible individual,…she does have private BCBS medical insurance,
however, due to the high cost of insurance, especially as an independent contractor, her
coverage requires her to pay 25% of this very expensive but essential surgery and has
high deductibles.

The result is tens of thousands of dollars out of pocket expenses for Mila to be able to
walk again without intense pain and pursue her new career as a firewoman and

Image Image Image
Helping fellow kiter, Claudio Silva after his accident and Mila with her father At Kite For Girls event in Miami

Mila is scheduled for surgery June 29th at Broward General Hospital. Post surgery,
she will immediately begin several months of rehab and should be the active Mila we all
know and love by September. She hopes to be able to return to personal training work
on crutches within a month or so after the procedure. She might not be able to drive for
2 months.

After much convincing, Mila has given a few friends permission to set up a special Mila
Medical Fund to assist her with her out of pocket expenses from the procedure. We
are asking that you and others do what you can to assist our friend…every little bit will
be a BIG HELP. We know times are tough and many are struggling, we request your
help if you can.

We want Mila back on/in the water, in the gym, on the beach and protecting and
assisting us as a fire fighter and paramedic, as strong and capable as ever. With our
help, she can do this!

Image Image
With friend Chuck in her favorite place…the ocean and just back from a nice ocean session

How You Can Help …

You can contribute to the Mila Medical Fund through:

1) PayPal -

2) Mail checks or deposit to - Mila Medical Fund Inc.
Citibank, N.A.
Delray Beach Financial Center
4071 West Atlantic Ave.
Delray Beach, FL 33445
- Account #9115147293
- Routing #266086554

3) Wire Transfer to - Account #9115147293
- Routing #266086554
(Intl. Wire Transfers: Swift Code CITI US 33)

*** ALSO, WE NEED RAFFLE PRIZES, if you can help please contact Rick Iossi at to make arrangements. Thank you in advance!!!

Thank you for your consideration and your help. Please forward this email on to five
more friends. The true test of friends and members of a community/society, is what we
do to assist others when they are truly in need.

Thank you,
Mila’s Friends


A fundraising party and raffle will be held in Delray Beach, FL on Saturday June 20th,
2009 starting at 7pm at her friend Chuck Lawson’s house.

Location: 303 Gleason Street, Apt 1,
Delray Beach, FL 33483

Please RSVP by June 18th to Mila. If you would like to contact her directly please send
her an email to , she will be happy to hear from you.


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Posts: 8810
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Local Beach: SE Florida
Gear: Cabrinha
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Re: A call for help for our fellow kiter, Mila

Postby RickI » Mon Jun 08, 2009 7:27 pm

Raffle Donations!

Special thanks to Marino of DDK Watches for donating a great looking watch for the raffle.

More great things to come and thanks to the Kiteboarding Commuity!

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