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Mauritius in August

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Mauritius in August

Postby jmarois » Wed Jun 09, 2010 9:35 pm

Hi there,

I'm heading to Mauritius for 10 days in mid-August. I'm looking for a hotel and am trying to find something nice, located on or near a kiting beach. I'm an advanced kiter but am travelling with a beginner who will be taking lessons.

Can anyone recommend:

- the best area to stay in?
- any specific hotel in that area?
- a school for my friend?

I've heard le Morne is the best kiting spot but am wondering if there are less-crowded alternatives, nice flat water lagoons for the beginners, wave spots for advanced rider etc...
Any tips and advice would be greatly appreciated

Thanks for the help



Jono 111
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Re: Mauritius in August

Postby Jono 111 » Fri Jun 11, 2010 2:56 pm

It depends what you are looking for - Le Morne is, no doubt, the best spot because it gives access to waves of all levels. For the predominant wind, the East Coast is the best alternative. Don't know what you're looking for - am at The Residence in Belle Mare right now - have been here a lot over the years.

The set up is basically - large lagoon, nobody else kiting, good (safe) sandy launch spot right outside the hotel. Hotel is of a properly high standard in terms of rooms / service / food. Completely different league to the likes of the Indian Resort at Le Morne - its the real deal. Price wise not as bad as you'd think looking at the website - June - August is very quiet in this part of the world... pm me if you want more specifics. In terms of her indoors, there is a (good) kiteschool solid 15 minutes walk south at the palmerie hotel. Thats also a decent place to stay - but you should be paying a lot less to stay there cf with the Residence - different levels altogether. The Beau Rivage is the other hotel (located between the two) - pretty nice. Again - half way geographically and quality wise between the others.

Downaides? Lagoon is large, can sail at all but the lowest neap tides. waves accessible at all (the reef pass is small, distant and not user friendly). Lagoon is a bit choppier than it should be (if that makes sense). great sailing, but it ain't butter. Massive upside - its beautiful - its on site - it gets the wind (if wind swings too far south (not normal), its 15 minutes walk gets you to a non gusty launch)... and there are no crowds.

Thats my 5 cents worth - if you want to consider areas outside Belle Mare and Le Morne, I believe that Nico is the resident expert on this forum.

Happy travels.

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