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Holy crap - has it been that long?

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Holy crap - has it been that long?

Postby gottmoore » Wed Sep 21, 2011 3:20 am

just logged back in for the first time a while.......looked at my join date of '02 and laughed- 9 years on here, and 10 riding-Time flies when you are havin fun-keep the following in mind:

the gear is better, thankfully. but safety is all in the hands of the user- never forget that

kites come, kites go- it aint the equipment that does the ridin- you do good stuporman episode taught me that I was not immune to stupidity disguised as bravado. 2 shoulder surgeries and a ripped bicep are my reminder

a bro lost to a shark at the home break taught me never to kite alone- miss you Steve

there is nothing like catchin a head high swell and 20k on a 9 and a rocketfish 5'0" with a few good friends

Enjoy the ride and the day.

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