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Another new member

Introduce yourself as a new member to the kiting community. This well tell all of us who you are and very likely you will make new kiting buddies in your area or from visiting kiters.

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Another new member

Postby eazyrider » Wed Aug 13, 2008 6:21 pm

Just thought Id say hi as Ive just joined here :D Ive been landboarding for three years now and using C kites onland for over two years now. I currently fly a 12m and 16m 06 Rhino's and a 9m Slingy Ignition.

Up untill 3 weeks ago I had only been on the water once.Then I made a ply board thats 132 x 40 and found it was ok but flexed a lot! A kiter I only know to say hi to lent me a slingshot board (no idea what it was but had a wood effect?) that was a 128 and it was great. Last week I sold my playstation 3 and brought my self a new RRD 5X TS 130 x 38, and love it.

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