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hello from socal

Posted: Sun Oct 05, 2008 2:36 am
by deadbeats77
hey all-
my name is jesse. i come from los angeles, ca. i live in the venice beach area. i just spent 11 days learning to kite surf in Cumbuco, Brazil. loved it. if you havent been there yet, go. i am back in cali now and trying to decide what kind of gear to get. while in Brazil i tried a Naish kite, a 9m 2008 Cult Sigma Series. loved it. but that was in Brazil. apparently up here in Cali we need much bigger kites. i visited a kite shop today and the guys there recommended i go with a 12-16m kite for Southern Cali. they then told me the Naish kites at this size are terrible. their recommends for a kite around 12-16m would be Cabrinha or North. any ideas on this? also wondering about boards, and harnesses. my level of riding is pretty novice. i can get up and ride but still learning how to stay upwind and turning. i want good gear though that i can use for a while. lemme know what you all think!! thanks!