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Yucatan Quintaroo for 3 weeks..beginner alone..Help pls!

Introduce yourself as a new member to the kiting community. This well tell all of us who you are and very likely you will make new kiting buddies in your area or from visiting kiters.

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Yucatan Quintaroo for 3 weeks..beginner alone..Help pls!

Postby karinaonline » Fri Feb 27, 2009 1:10 am

Hi there,

So I got my IKO 2/3 card in my pocket (did a course in Jan)..I am currently checking Ebay to buy a kite(12mt bow shape post 2007 me think). My goal do as much kitesurfing as possible.

Anyhow I will be going from 30th March and I am not too sure how I should do this on a limited budget.

1-Do I need to have a car..? to be able to get to the right beach for the right wind.. or do you know affordable places to stay put for a little while. Holbox sounds good and have a cheap hostel should I head for there first and see whats come you think?(my current plan)

2-When you are staying at hostels is it risky to leave you equipment?

3- Where could I meet other kitesurfers and perhaps hoock up with them?

4- If i wanted to go to isla blanca and stay in a hostel in cancun do i need to hire a car ?

5- Supervision is $30-50/hr is it a necessary phase, any cheaper option you could think of?

Seems that Mexico does not cater much for single travellers..
Many thanks
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Re: Yucatan Quintaroo for 3 weeks..beginner alone..Help pls!

Postby frankm1960 » Fri Feb 27, 2009 3:55 am

I got a 2008 12m Griffin bow kite for sale if you're still looking for a kite. Only has about 4 hrs use on it. PM me for details if interested.

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Re: Yucatan Quintaroo for 3 weeks..beginner alone..Help pls!

Postby reiley » Sat Mar 21, 2009 4:50 pm

hi, there, the wind here is very unpredictible, theres many spots, and if you want to go to all you need to have a car, holbox is an island like 2:3o hrs of cancun, isla blanca is like 20min north of cancun and yes you need a car to get there, or playa del carmen i do not recommend, tulum and xpu-ha are good for you, check, i do not know anything about a hostel in holbox, i know theres a campground close to the main beach, supervision depends on your skills, in holbox the beach is so big you do not need supervision, you should bring camping stuff and camp at xpu-ha and you can learn there, the spot is ok and theres a school if tou want help :D

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