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Tampa Bay area

Introduce yourself as a new member to the kiting community. This well tell all of us who you are and very likely you will make new kiting buddies in your area or from visiting kiters.

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Tampa Bay area

Postby 41ants » Wed Jan 20, 2010 1:03 am

Well I figured that this is something that I could really find some enjoyment out of on the west coast of FL, since I hung up my surfboard 8 yrs ago when I moved here from CA. I took a land lesson not too long ago and have since bought a sensai trainer kite and have put about 4 hours on it. I figured I would keep flying that over the next month or two before I do anything in the water. There seems to be a fair amount of people in my area that do this and all of whom I have talked to have been really nice and helpful. I'm in my 30's and hope this is something that I can continue to do for several years to come.

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Re: Tampa Bay area

Postby GnarShredd » Thu Feb 04, 2010 10:04 pm

Just noticed this post and it's a bit old but I figured I'd still post in case you're hanging around the forums.

I'm in St. Pete and there are TONS of kiters around the area. It's a great spot. I learned about a month and a half ago myself and am hooked. If you want some solid lessons, check out Watersports West. They have fair prices and will give you all the knowledge you need to know to learn how to kite and do it safely.

It's a bit expensive to get lessons anywhere (Watersports West is the same price as most other places), but in the end you'll save A LOT of money (say if you go out and tear up your new $1500 setup by not really knowing what you're doing) and probably your own life, so it's worth it.

Welcome to the area, and to the sport.

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