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lost or stole kiteboards at naish beach 08/30

Post here if you lost or found any kind of kiting gear anywhere in the world.

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lost or stole kiteboards at naish beach 08/30

Postby vaayu » Mon Aug 31, 2009 9:59 pm

was out riding the fading swell yesterday at naish beach and got bored of trying to surf tiny waves when i came back to the beach to switch to my 130 08 liquid force recoil (red and white) twin tip with excalade bindings to throw some wakestyle, when i realized it wasnt on the beach anymore. It was pretty late and i was the only kiter out there so some one could have just grabed it so that the crackheads dont steal it and try selling it back to me. the board's got a paia town sticker on one end a hawaiin islands sticker in the middle and an om sticker on the other end.
if someone has it, please pm me or call 8587293642 or drop it off at the naish shop or aqua sports van.
later that eveing i decided to grab another board from my car and the burner that i am left my brand new niash 6.0 custom wave on the beach and as i was out at boneyards saw this guy walking up the beach and into the trees with my board in his hand mother f%$^$# . i landed my kite and ran into the brush but ened up getting a bunch of kiawe stuck in my feet and the crack head got away.
if some one knows where my surf board is please call me or drop it off at naish. if someone tries selling it to you at the beach dont buy it, say your interested, call 911 or me. ive reported the matter to the police (super nice guys by the way).

the surfboard dosnt have any straps, got the new skull sticker on it and and small crack on the bottom of the board.
please help me find it, kiting is my life and im lost without my boards and can definately not afford any new ones.

and i found someones 6.0 kazuma surboard at the beach when i was looking for mine, call me and tell me what color the track is and ill give it back to you

lesson learned.

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